Thursday, June 04, 2009

Slow Down, You Are Out of Control


I went to the doctor, got a shot, two breathing treatments and two new prescriptions in hopes of fighting the pneumonia.

Had the van break down, but managed to get it to the shop without being towed.

Found out the van is going to cost over $150 $500 $800 to get fixed.

Lost all hope of taking the boys on a roadtrip in August.

Aaron got sent out of town on an emergency trip and hopefully will come home Friday Saturday.


I found out a good friend is expecting baby number three.

Watered the flowers in the garden.

Listened to the boys playing inside and outside.

Watched Kylie get rid of the bunnies in the garden.

Will be ordering gluten-free pizza for dinner.


Alicia A. said...

anyone I know? having the baby, I mean.

Sasha said...

So glad that today seems (for the most part) like a better day than yesterday. Hope tomorrow is even better! Happy weekend! :)

Berber said...

Keep taking deep breaths and enjoy your pizza!

Rachel said...

Do I know the friend??

kristi said...

Gluten free pizza? So jealous. The kids are wearing me down to a frazzle this week. Kinda wish there was another adult here...

Pat said...

Take it as easy as you can. We, out here, enjoy your blog and we won't get our fill if you are sick. Nothing like being selfish, is there?

Crystal said...

Dang girl! You totally deserved the pizza. Hell, you deserve a months worth of pizza. I hope the meds and breathing treatments work.

Keyona said...

Calm down. There is too much excitement over there! Sheesh!

Skye @ Planet Jinxatron said...

Damn, girl!

monica said...

you can order that? oh my. that's good.

very good.