Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stay Forever and Ever and Ever and Ever

We had a lovely time in Arkansas. The van and house still aren't unpacked, but the trip was awesome.

We got to visit with Aaron's parents, Hot Mandy (actually, Aunt Mandy but the boys call her Hot Mandy because, well, she's hott), our niece and Aaron's step-father's birth-mother.

Welcome to the 21st Century family vacation.

During one of our visits to the Wal-Marts in town (because that's how you talk when you're in Duggarland) we ran into some dogs from the Humane Society (via stopping in the PetsCo) and met a puppy. A puppy whom my inlaws dragged Aaron to meet. A puppy who was obsessed about all weekend despite a certain person (AARON) saying no, I don't want no dog (again, we were in Duggarland, we had to talk like that), that dog didn't bond with me, we're not ready for a dog, I ain't scoopin' no dog poop, I don't want a dog.

So yesterday we were headed home, 20 miles into the drive Aaron starts reminiscing about the dog and makes me turn around.

Meet Kylie.

She sat on Aaron's lap for the six-plus hour drive home. Even though we had a crate for her in the van.

Because, you know, he didn't want no dog, the dog didn't bond with him, he's not ready for a dog, he ain't scoopin' no dog poop, he don't want a dog MY ASS.


Anonymous said...

She's darling!

Anonymous said...

aw, what a cutie.

amy h said...

She looks like a little deer! Very cute. Do you know how big she'll get?

Poop scooping isn't fun though. But I have to say, it still beats a nearly-four-year-old's poopy pants.

Alicia A. said...

eeeeeek! can't wait to meet her.

Unknown said...

Aww, she's a cutie! And Hot Mandy is classic.

Winks & Smiles,

Pat said...

That dog has better than average dog intelligence, sitting on Aaron's lag. Almost wants to make me gag. What a kisser-upper!

kristi said...

Heh heh. Men are suckers for those little puppy eyes, and dogs know how to take advantage of that. And really, on the grand scale of possible amounts of poop, you won't have that much to deal with.

So nobody's having allergy problems? That's great!

Oil Cloth Junkie said...



Congratulations! As the parent of several shelter dogs-only 2 right now-one a puppy. Picking up poop is just a thing. I promise you no one bothers you while you do it! What a loving joyous thing you did. I hope you are happy about the decsion more then you aren't.

Crystal said...

Hello Kylie!

She is a cutie. :)

Angelina said...

What a cute dog! This is the first time I've gotten a true glimpse of the man you married and I must say:

Nicely done!

(I knew Aaron was really a good egg all along. I didn't really think he was living a second secret life.)

She is a very cute dog. I'm so happy for you guys!

therese said...

kylie. she is just beautiful. makes me really want a new dog in my life.

Kgirl said...

Gee! Thanx for naming the cute new pupper after me ;) LOL!!! I've met plenty of other girls over here in Australia called Kylie, but never a doggie...(altho SOME of those girls may have BEEN dogs...if you know what I mean!!)

Hubby sounds like a typical "I don't want no steenking dog...oh, wait...hoos-a-cute-leetle-puppers-then..." fella :)

Kerrie McLoughlin said...

i can't believe you got a dog! we all succumb, don't we? (not me!)