Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Got a Girl Who Lives with Me


Okay, maybe not. But still.

You have to keep an eye on her.

She thinks things make of plastic are nummy, the grill is her special nom nom maker a dirty tissues are fair game.

And don't get me started on shoes.

Today she managed to get into some ant poison (and we don't like to use it but hellooooooooo colony of ant eggs right! by! my! shower!) because Darwin forgot to close the door (I got it away fast and rinsed her mouth out) and then she promptly went outside and dug a whole in the grass.

Good thing she's cute.

And doesn't pee inside.

Ai quete, but stop calin me "yoda."

[Dar's head is healed, but now has a croup-y cough. Parenting rocks!]

And don't think for two seconds I didn't consider using this song as my post title...


Keyona said...

Yes, parenting rocks and your are the rockstar! Good luck with little nom nom. ;o)

Anonymous said...


I laugh because I live it.

Two tips: don't let her get into chocolate. Chocolate does evil, nasty, terrible things to indoor rugs. *shudder* Also, have some hydrogen peroxide handy- a teaspoon should make her vomit anything she shouldn't eat.

Pat said...

Sorry, but she is just acting like a puppy. She will change. But puppyhood tries one's soul, BIG TIME.

Radioactive Tori said...

I might trade you because my puppy is very well behaved but still pees in the house.


We have taken to calling our puppy "goat boy". He even chewed on an errant soda can. Yeah, I've needed to be on my A game getting stuff out of the way for about the last 7 months. But I will say that at 9 months of age either he is getting slower or I am just so much better. I think this may be proof of a higher being-nothing is cuter than a puppy & they really need to be. Good luck!

patrice said...

I've just now am getting to trust my 2 1/2 year old, 115 lb. dog Jasper. Counter surfing, trash can shopping, escaping out of the yard, destroying Annie's toys. Puppyhood is hellish. I crated for two years, whenever I left the house, or needed a break. I still "crate" him in a downstairs bathroom when we're gone so he doesn't loose his mind and repurpose my wardrobe. Just minimize the damage and give it a few years. She's so adorable, you'll have a great dog soon!