Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Repeat, Repeat the Words That I Know We Both Said



"Do you know what your son just did?"

"Uh... no?"

"As I was walking Griffin up to bed he was going 'fah... fah... fah... fah...'"


"'Fah... fah... fah... FUCK.' And I said, 'Griffin! We don't say that word. Why did you say that?' and he said, 'We were learning sounds today and teacher said to find words that begin with fah. So I did. FUCK.' So then I told him we don't use that word and came up with other words like farm and fun but I'm certain his teacher didn't tell him to learn words that began with 'fah' but words that began in 'fff.'"

"Well, I know he didn't learn that word from me."

"Didn't learn that word from you My Ass."

"You just said ASS. He totally learned that word from you."

"If he had said shit, I'd agree. But he most certainly learned 'fuck' from you!"



Oil Cloth Junkie said...

oh, my god, i almost just peed my pants.

Anonymous said...

Too funny!

Um..... maybe one of the kids at school is a bad influence. I'm sure that's it.

LJ said...


Chickenbells said...

Yeah...damned little pitchers and their big f-ing ears!

Wendy said...

We've always let the kids curse at our house. It was hilarious listening to a 5 year old trying to get 'Shit' to come out right. ('Oh, oh, oh, shit.') The only rule is they can't curse around people that would be offended by it (mainly grandma and school- and lately not so much for grandma).

If they break the rule, they can't cuss at home anymore.

I think it's important for kids to understand that words are just words, but that it's also important to think about not (overly) offending others. There's also an element of learning to control themselves in there, too. A kid that can cuss at home, but not at school learns enormous self control.

My 8 year old daughter worries way more about my potty mouth than I ever need to worry about hers.

Renee said...

So, wait, back up, did he actually suggest the word 'fuck' in class to the teacher?! Or was he just saying it at home? B/c if he said it at school, I'd love to know what her reaction was.

lera said...


Amanda Jean said...


Hyena In Petticoats said...

I'm with Wendy on this one - eventually they'll grow up into adults who swear all the time, but the most imporatnt thing is CONTEXT, y'know?

I have a story for you - a woman I know, who is quite 'liberal' with her language too, has an eight year old son. He came home from school one day to tell her that they'd done sex ed, and the teacher had asked them to provide some other words for 'vagina'. And this little boy, turns to his Mum and says: "I wanted to say c**t, but I don't think Miss So and So is that liberated"......hoot!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are so busted, my friend. :)

Unknown said...

Awesome...man I hope one day this kid I'm carrying around will be just like yours...he's the best!

amy h said...

I hope you have the kind of teacher that is amused by this. :) I would be.

Good Girls Studio said...

I really should know better than to read your posts while drinking wine!Man that burns coming out your nose :)

Lisa said...

You are so funny! That just made my f****ing day!

Anonymous said...

Your posts like these just slay me. Thanks for the funny. :)

LA said...

All I can think of is (Mom) worked in profanity like Picasso did in paint (or something like that.....)

My son decided to combine shit and fuck into something that sounds like shack. He likes to yell it while out in public. Luckily no one knows what he is saying!


Sara said...

When I say fuck in front of my 5 year old, she looks disapproving and says "Mama, I'm pretty sure Dad told you not to use that word in front of me."