Friday, September 21, 2007

I Wish I'd Stayed Asleep Today

For two nights in a row now I've been kept up nearly all night with not-quite-sick-enough but really-fucking-uncomfortable and not-perfectly-healthy children.

And now I have germy sludge waving around in my head making it impossible for me to do anything in my normal capabilities which, granted, aren't all that fantabulous but sure as hell beats the pants off this moving-slower-than-a-turtle shit.

Griffin's home from school today with a fever, which he thinks is great. So I'm thinking, the fever isn't all that high (101.3) and keeping him pretty docile, I'm not gonna give him anything to lower his fever. If you're sick, act like it. And fucking motrin takes their aches and pains away and then they're running around the room. And I'm just not in the mood for that today.

I've been getting a lot requests wanting to know how Griffin's school is doing. ::sigh:: He doesn't like school, there's no science program. He's not getting challenged enough to be interested in learning the basics so he doesn't like it. We do projects at home with him that suggest an age range from 8 to 15 years old. And for him to be expected to learn things for a five year old? Pshaw. Totally not worth his time in his mind.

He still haves the long-term substitute teacher. A rumor was going around that they hired a permanent teacher, but we haven't heard anything "official" yet. I know for certain that Griffin's classroom does have course books for everyone and he says they have cubbies now. Past that, I'm have no clue how well the class is outfitted, given how strict they are with security and not letting adults who don't work there getting too far into the hallways. ::sigh::

What matters to me now is that he is learning to read and write. To me, that's what Kindergarten is all about. We continue to do lots of science stuff with him at home. And discussion has begun for getting him tested for the "gifted" or "advanced" classes. But we need to wait until the basics are covered. AND he goes back to his Occupational Therapist in October for a re-evaluation for his Sensory Integration Disorder/Borderline High Functioning Autism, who told us years ago that he functioned on a higher level of "intelligence" for kids his age.


In other news, I found out about this today:

The new Chronic-what-cles of Narnia comes out May 16th. I shameless stole the image from here, where you can also read about the details from the movie. Andy Samberg better damn-well make another video and song for this one too.

Oh, and this came out yesterday:

Note to self: buy Aaron some new jeans, oh my hell. And some pretty panties too (booty shakin' looks better with pretty panties).


Wendy said...

Oh, poor you. I hate the cold season. It sounds like you all got hit pretty hard!

The good thing about not giving motrin is that a fever actually helps the kid's immune system function better.

We have a 'holistic' pediatrician and their handbook recommends holding off on medication unless they are really uncomfortable, not tired and groggy, but uncomfortable. You just gotta keep them hydrated, is all.

Good luck!

LJ said...

that guy is too f*#@*&#$king funny!! He had me laughing out loud!

~Molly~ said...

Oh my hell, who is that Ben Barnes?? Woooo hot!

Sorry about the coldnasties. We had that a few weeks ago. I've heard that upping your vitamin D(not C like everyone says) is the real defense against colds. I'm trying it this year, hard since I'm not a milk drinker at all.


ps, I love your blog!

Kim -today's creative blog said...

If nothing else, I must hold you in high regaurd for introducing me to William! He just makes me giggle!

patrice said...

What is with that guy? I'm not even a jean wearer and I couldn't take my eyes off him the whole time, even after repeated himself so many times.I didn't think he was really that funny or anything, just mesmerizing.

Anonymous said...

"Andy Samberg better damn-well make another video and song for this one too."

HA! I think about That Song every time my UPS man delivers a box to me.

Anonymous said...

Ok. that "guy" looks like my SIL. TOTALLY. And it's your fault you have a little science geek, I mean nerd, I mean genius running around. I mean - have you heard the things that come out of his mouth?!? LMAO. Hope everyone feels better and sorry school sucks. I am actually loving HSing now that we are in a groove. E would be bored out of her mind too. Her thing is not science. It's writing and illustrating books. She has written 3 so far. LOL. Do I have a future Stephen King on my hands? And ok. Am I the writer? I will STFU now. bwa ha ha.

lera said...

I can't believe you can't go into Griffin's classroom. We are allowed to go into our children's classrooms ANYtime we want. We have to sign in at the office and wear a nametag stating we are a visitor. (Not like I do it but once or twice a year.) My friend also eats lunch regularly (weekly) with her son at school ... and takes her preschool-age daughter with her.

Lala said...

OMG... I LOVE William Sledd... found him on youtube one day while I was bored... was totally hooked! You've got to watch his wedding cake show on youtube... hilarious!!!

Hope the school situation improves... know what you mean... I wish the lines of communication were a bit better with our school...

Linked you through Ali's blog... noticed your location... I have a GREAT FRIEND in your area!!!

Take Care!!!

Lala :o)

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Ok...I am always a little nervous to watch what you put up here on your blog, not for me...when my kids watch what I am reading...But man was this guy was SSSSooo funny...but what the heck is skank!!!
Hope your coping with the turn in the weather sickness...
Suzie Sews

dawn224 said...

.... totally off topic .... I puffy heart adore your banner with the legos in the martini glass. If that doesn't say a 1000 words about what parenthood does to us then nothing does!

becky s said...

i understand the whole "not feeling up to par & not feeling like doing much of anything" thing. i was that way last week, with a 5 day migraine. hope the kiddos get better soon.