Thursday, April 19, 2007

Well We Talked About Nothing Which was More Than I Wanted to Know-ow-ow-ow-ow, Now Here We Go

Over the course of the past few months, I have been helping my dad get his new business venture off the ground.

Getting a new business venture off the ground is a complete pain in the ass.

You know what else is a pain in the ass? Not having customers. That, too, is a complete pain in the ass.

Anyway, enough complaining (be glad I didn't mention that my dad calls me countless times a day) (count. less. times. a. day.) (and we bicker, because he wants to do things they way he wants to and I want to do things the way I think we should) (I have a degree in Advertising for cryin' out loud) (he should listen to me) (totally) (all the time) (for I speak the advertising gospel) (I swear) (it's not even 9 a.m. and I've talked to him eight times already today) (somebody, help me) (please)...

My dad's new business is cleaning ducts. Like, the ducts in your home. Do you know how nasty those are? Seriously, we had ours done two years ago and it looks like an animal has crawled in to each and every one of my vents. Dis. gust. ing.

Anyway, my dad came around to choosing this new business mainly due to my boys' health issues (hello, chronic allergies!). Our allergist actually recommends that we have our ducts cleaned every six months, the "average" home should get their ducts clean every two years.

Most duct cleaning services just vacuum the ducts, they don't use any special brushes to gently lift the debris off the sides.

Guess what! My dad's does!

You know what else my dad can do? He can put a camera down your vents and show you what they look like. (It's totally gross, I assure you.)

He also has a special solution that kills pet dander, dust mites, mold, pollen and even helps prevent against spiders.

Regardless if you live in the Kansas City area or not, regardless if you call and use my dad's business or not, getting the duct work cleaned in your home is something that should be done on a regular basis for the general well-being of everyone.

Just think of how much the air in your home gets cycled and recycled and recycled and recycled and look in your vents and think about it and ewwwww... I'm grossing myself out and I haven't had breakfast yet.

ANYWAY, now that I've fully whored out my father's company, you can contact us! Seriously! And if you call, you will talk to me and then you can make fun of my high-pitched squeaky voice free of charge!

::hanging head in shame::


Chickenbells said... I do wish I lived closer, because although it's gross to think about, I am now really thinking about it, and wanting to get it done...You just wouldn't think they'd get quite that dirty would you?

beki said...

I wish we lived in KC because I really need this done. I looked into it three years ago and have yet to make the phone call.

Anonymous said...

So are you his official receptionist now? I hope you're getting a cut of the $ (and that he starts listening to your advertising advice, since you are the guru).

Anonymous said...

I like your high pitched squeaky voice. I find it endearing. :)

LLA said...

ditto what Beki said.

except maybe make that number 8 or 10 years...

(hanging head in shame...)

LLA said...

And look at how cute all the boys are on the official website!

Anonymous said...

I don't think your voice is high OR squeaky. :)

Have you guys looked into getting listed on Angie's List? We have a membership to that, and it seems to be a pretty good resource.

Angelina said...

If you were giving me free advertising advice, I WOULD LISTEN.

Because I don't have many customers either.

One thing I don't have is ducts. Nope. I have electric wall heaters. the kind that prevent you from being able to have book shelves against your walls. I wanted to get central air put in, because it's more efficient, but, we have no ducts. Which would cost a fortune to put in.

Since we also have so few customers, we can't afford this.

I never thought I'd have a reason to be happy that I'm ductless.

nuttnbunny said...

You worked your ad guru magic so well that I WANT to call... and we don't even have ducts! Old fashioned base-board radiant heat in this old house. And no AC. We do, after all, live in Minnesota. I may call just to hear your squeak!

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. said...

I am willing you some customers. I am so lazy I can'y even make a dentist appointment I can't even imagine what my ducts must look like.. And I still have your embroidery hoops... sitting here... glaring at me.

Oh jeez.

Anonymous said...

I sooooo wish I had ducts.

And didn't live an ocean away.

I WANT to call, I really do. I wouldn't tease you.

OK, so I would tease you. A bit.

lera said...

Ew. I'm thinking I need my ducts cleaned. You have grossed me out. Completely. (We've done so much construction work here, too, I can only imagine what's down there.)

And I did not imagine you to have a high-pitched squeaky voice.

Mia said...

Um.. so do ya think 15 years of accumulated vent gunk might be too much?????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

I have thought seriously about having our ducts cleaned but the cost here is prohibitive... and our main allergic guy is now getting shots for everything anyone has ever been allergic to. But I agree, clean ducts would go a long way to making our air healthier.

Bumbershootska said...

Ok, so I am in love with your blog!
I just opened my new business and agree - having no customers sucks big time! Good for you for pimping him out, uh I mean recommending his services like that
rock on