Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Me, I'm Supa Fly (Uh-Huh), Supa Dupa Fly

The awesome and fabulous Jojo came up with a award... The Guilty Blogger Award.

It's a self-rewarding award, perfect for those of us who are complete slackers.

Or as I like to call myself, a complete asshole.

I fit all the criteria -- spending too much time on the computers reading other blogs (ahem), guilty for not responding to comments (EVER -- I'm such an asshole), guilty for lurking when I should be commenting (oh, hell yeah), guilty for sitting around and doing nothing when they should be doing something for the blog (hi, my name is Laura, I'm an ass-sitter) and the biggest one of all... guilty for not posting pictures of swaps in a timely fashion.

So, let's demonstrate what a massive asshole I am, shall we?

First up, a very sweet package from Kirsten.

I received it last week, amiss all the bodily functions going on here. I just thanked her yesterday (asshole!). And the biggest kicker? She made me all those awesome patches because I'm nice.

I? Am an asshole.

Let's look at another example, shall we?

I received a lovely package from Toni a few months ago (a! few! months! ago!)...

A beautiful pin cushion. I think I thanked her via email.

I? Am an asshole.

Or how about that package I received from one of the most talented people in the Universe, Manda...

::sigh:: It's all so lovely. Again, I thanked her over email (that was a huge package too, everything has since been consumed) and never posted my goodies.

I? Am an asshole.

(let's not forget: I have a plethora of assholes around me, stealing my stuff as well) ("My tree, Mommy! My tree!")

I've received other bounties as well, bounties I don't even have pictures of yet (because I'm an asshole). Goodies from Michelle (a strawberry pin cushion and tissue pouch), goodies from Amy (thanks for the apron book, by the way, because I know I haven't thanked you yet; because I'm an asshole), goodies from Lera (who always remembers to send gluten-free treats for the boys), goodies from Tasha (I miss you! Sorry I'm an asshole!) and I'm rather certain that I've left someone out, somewhere...

Because, in case you haven't noticed, I'M AN ASSHOLE.

(That award better come with a trophy. I want a trophy.)

(I'm such an asshole.)


Chickenbells said...

Well...Carp...there's a whole set of rules we must follow in this blogging world of ours...great, I just thought it was a good escape from being an ass hole in the other parts of our lives...It's lovely to know one's ass holeness follows one around no matter where you go...you can't escape.sigh.

Angelina said...

You know why I love you* Laura? Because YOU GET AWAY WITH IT.

You know what happens when I'm an asshole? I MAKE LIFETIME ENEMIES.

I just don't have the insouciant charm that you have.

*totally not a lesbian style love. But you knew that, right?

Oil Cloth Junkie said...

aww,honey, we still love you. The assholeness is all part of your charm. :)

lera said...

Gee. I'm afraid of what *that* award would look like!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the Essential Foreign Swear Words book!

Anonymous said...

I always thought you were nice (in a take-no-prisoners kinda way), but you make a compelling argument. I hope you get your trophy!

Anonymous said...

see, if you were, you wouldn't KEEP getting stuff!

(also, like i really expected acknowledgment/thanks when you were all sick!!!)

seriously. you're cool.

Anonymous said...

Well, you have my vote. Hope you get that scary looking trophy. :)
You sure do get a lot of loot! Good golly. You are loved. :)

amy h said...

I do a lot of those things. Eek. I have decided to stop feeling guilty about them though. But I know swaps would lead to another world of guilt, so I haven't done any yet. :)

Anonymous said...

fellow rectums unite!


how did i ever live without coming over here? and your banner - most excellent. love love love.

me be back baby.... :)

Berber said...

What's that you said ;))
Lovely pressies... you deserve them!

Paula Adams Perez said...

Sorry, Laura, get in line. At least YOU blog regularly! I am pitiously pitiful!

I wonder if you visit Ree? http://www.thepioneerwoman.com/
You two seem alike in twisted ways.

On the other hand, opposites attract. That's why I love you.
Momma Pajama

Toni said...

I finally figured why I couldn't sign into blogger. I needed to re-register with their new system. Well, OK.

Anyway...sweet of you to mention the cushion, but your thank you email was plenty!! No worries at all :)