Friday, August 26, 2005

I Am Normally Not This Busy

6:40 - 9:30 Do basic morning routine (which would take forever to type out)
9:30 - 10:40 Grocery Store
10:40 - 11:15 Put groceries away, get ready and leave for speech therapy
11:15 - 12:40 Drive to/from and Griffin attend speech therapy
12:40 - 1:50 Eat lunch, laundry, dishes, get ready to go to library
1:50 - 2:20 Talk to mother-in-law, who purposely called because she knew we were going to the library and wanted to talk to us first; discussed how SHE thinks Griffin needs to learn how its not his turn when SHE is on the phone.
2:20 - 3:10 Central Resource Library. Check out four books dealing with the letter "P" (puh-puh-puh-please), three books dealing with beginning preschool, one book about Star Wars and one DVD about Big Bird going to Japan which is so obviously geared toward 13-year olds, not 3-year olds.
3:10 - 4:45 Drive to, get adjusted and drive home from Chiropractor (because, yes, I'm insane and visit a Chiropractor that requires a 30-minute drive each way, on a good day).
4:45 - 5:40 Talk to my "boss" of the stay-at-home mom's organization I'm in
5:40 - 5:45 Find out Aaron is stuck at work, must pick up crop share
5:45 - 6:55 Pick up crop share, buy Griffin a happy meal because he's hungry AND because I cannot handle the whining anymore. Griffin eating his happy meal, being actually somewhat happy.
6:55 Panic, because - oh shit! - husband is still at work!
6:56 Decide to buy children off by watching Nickelodeon movie "Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius"
6:57 - now Bask in the silence of two boys watching TV. Yes, I realize I'm a bad mother. But did you see the day I've had?

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