Thursday, November 01, 2012

don't get caught alone, oh no

ohmygoodness the sugar coma is a beast the next day, is it not?

the big boys just got home from school and already demonstrating how going to bed an hour and a half later and hopped up on candy the night before equates to not the best behavior. (their poor teachers.)

and emery did his very best personality of the hulk today. because. um. sugar?

but they had a fantastic time, and there's a goodly amount of almond joys for mama that need to be hidden away.

some of the pumpkins on the porch

making goodie bags to leave out

ready to go (and the first time all were taken in the 12 years of living here!)

half-batch (i don't trust myself) of gluten-free chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream

yeah, not done yet. surprised? (free download from  here)

 everyone ready to go

 i've resisted the urge to take down the halloween decorations just yet... one more day will do just fine.

and i'm sorely lacking in thanksgiving adornments.


Ali said...

We're planning to enjoy the decorations for a little while as we only put them up yesterday!

kirsten said...

Please tell me you dressed as black widow. Or Pepper Potts? :)