Friday, September 30, 2011

And You Think You'll Burst Apart

A few weeks ago I decided I was tired of this shit, "shit" in this case being all of Emery's constant puking and called the GI office at the local children's hospital.

Two days later we were in the office, talking to the doctor - who I will never, ever visit again. Anyone who thinks I'll pay him to treat me like I'm stupid obviously isn't nearly as intelligent as he'd like to believe.

The next day we were at the Occupational Therapist getting Emerson tested for a behavioral problem with vomiting; he was cleared of that diagnosis.

The following day we were in Radiology having the worst x-ray experience of my life, where they fed him barium and ran the machine like a video feed, rotating him in this 18th century torture contraption. They thought he had a mal-rotated intestinal tract, but after another hour (!!!) of testing they deemed him anatomically perfect.

The next week the GI's office called to say they have a diagnosis! He has acid reflux!

My reply? "Um, yeah. I know. That's why I brought him to the office to begin with."

So, here we are - now waiting for a stomach scope. Which they have to do in in-patient surgery due to his food allergies. Where he will be put under with anesthesia. I am not looking forward to that.

A day later, I came down with Strep and here we are, more than a week later and I'm still not made of awesome - I blame the crazy antibiotics. I'm sure you'll agree.

I've had the honor recently to participate in two quilting bees. One, a quilt for Jacquie (oh, how we will miss her from KCMQG!) and a very special quilt of love. Both ladies put into words what I simply cannot.

Today is my and Aaron's 11th wedding anniversary. Three kids and one crazy puppy later, here we are: old, going gray and we still like each other. WIN!

Tonight we celebrate as a family, ordering pizza, family movie night and bakery cupcakes. Monday we'll celebrate as a couple, dinner out and tickets to see Death Cab.

I think this may beat last year's hardy high-five in the kitchen.

In other news, have you seen Emerson?

Emery? Where are you?

Peek-a-boo! There you are!


Sarah Jackson said...

Happy anniversary, friend! I hope this day treats you well. Like a pretend spa day. You certainly need one.

E looks more like his brothers every day. Kit has her eye on him for the future. :)

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary!!

FWIW, we went through the broncoscopy thing with my oldest this summer. It was really minor and she was acting like nothing happened by that afternoon. I hope it goes as smoothly for y'all as it did for us.

Mamadallama said...

Happy Anniversary!

Sara's right. I'm sure the endoscopy will be uneventful. I have had them myself and they're not bad--it's just the anticipation that is upsetting and thankfully little Emerson doesn't have to deal with that. I also used to work in a pediatric ICU and the little ones recovered quickly and without repercussions. I do hope this test gives you the answers!

Jersey Knitting Mama said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

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