Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I'm Goin' Back Home to the West Coast

The big news around here is I went to BlogHer'11 and neither was hospitalized nor died of while traveling. Big upgrade from BlogHer'09.

Pathetic what passes as big news around here.

I have decided that the West Coast is the place for me. If I could make out with the ocean or carry it home to Kansas I most certainly would have - both if at all possible.

(Smooth Cab my ass.)


Drinks and dinner at Nobu. They (appropriately so) requested that I now say restaurants Nobu'd me when they did not gluten me. As apposed to don't you fucking PF Changs me when I inquire about the gluten-free area in the kitchen's set up.

I'm suffering from a horrible conference hangover and I just cannot get back on Kansas time. It was so, so wonderful and awesome (except that part when this lady when five ways to crazy at the gluten-free table when I wouldn't eat non-labeled chips; obviously, she really thought highly of those chips).


Skye @ Planet Jinxatron said...

You should have put a little arrow on the cab picture pointing to me still in the back seat arguing with the cab driver about whether he was going to take my goddamn credit card.

grace said...

I'm having the same post-conference hangover. I miss you!

Sonya said...

NICE! Did you have mostly good time!

Kimmifer said...

Having read your post about the hospital visit, I have to say I laughed heartily at the narration of the story. The story itself blows nuggets and I'm sorry that it happened to you. I am, however, glad that you took the opportunity to raise some awareness about the seriousness of allergies and the stupidity of some doctors.