Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And Different People Have Different Needs

Last week I came down with this amazing crap, because really, it was some amazing crap of flu ickiness that resulted in an eight-day fever.

So the only thing I can really remember over the past eight days is making fun of Kylie's latest stuff toy.

A beaver.

Of course I had to buy her a beaver. I mean, really, wouldn't you be disappointed in me if I didn't?

So I'm sure you can think of a slew of comments to add, but we keep telling Kylie not to get too excited by the beaver. She's really showing that beaver who's boss. Look how far she can get her tongue in that beaver.

And my personal favorite, best be careful to love the beaver, Kylie. It may just magically disappear if you do not.

Oh, and I bought her a sweater.

See? I told you all I've been running a fever for eight days.


tonkelu said...

Oh my.

Glad to see the fever didn't burn away your wicked sense of humor.

Keyona said...

Get better. Soon. The dog will love you for it.

Unknown said...

Tongue...Beaver...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA man oh man when I opened up your blog today my throat was really sore and then after laughing for a good ten minutes I think I've completely lost my voice...wow! Beaver!

Chickenbells said...


(I'm referencing your beaver here...well not YOUR beaver...but, you know...)


I hope you feel better soon.

kristi said...

She does look cute in her little sweater. Hope everyone is feeling much better now!

Paula said...

Just wait until the beaver gets really dirty from being played with outside and you hear yourself yelling at the dog to stop playing with "your dirty beaver" in front of mixed company (those with a sense of humor and those with none.) It was a priceless moment!