Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sometimes I Catch Myself Staring into Space, Counting Down the Hours 'Til I Get to See Your Face

Apparently people name their homes. Like "Serenity" (dude, I WISH) to something-or-another manor.

We name our yard.

The meadow.

I know! Behold our super-awesome-nerdy-smarts! The meadow! Squee!

Actually, it is a meadow back there. The perimeter of the yard is wooded and there's a grassy knoll (spelled.right.on.the.first.time.I.rock.thanks) and it gets very meadow-y back there.

Especially when it's the middle of May and SOMEONE hasn't mowed yet.

(Aaron, I'm looking at you here.)

(And no, I don't care that you're on a business trip. Magically mow it, damn it.)

This is also the part of the year where we transition from clean, tidy garden to holyfuckignshitexplosion. It's quite a sight.

Makes me want to picnic in my backyard.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to have a picnic at that meadow!

Keyona said...

Pretty let's talk about this picnic. I can bring the alcohol if you provide the food.

patrice said...

Makes me want to pull out my watercolor box and do some lovely sketches!

Chickenbells said...

Whoa. Everything there is coming up beautiful!

eren said...

I love that your backyard is a meadow. Another reason not to call in one of those creepy yard dudes to kill all of the "weeds". Its gorgeous!

Liz said...

That;a one great yard. Lots of people in my town named their houses - with signs and everything because we just got street addresses a year ago. (And that's only because we got 911 service.) You can imagine how challenging it is to get something delivered without an address - names on buildings just made things easier. Ours is Terrapin Station - hubby loves the Grateful Dead and I like turtles, so it worked for both of us.

On a different note, my son had a change of heart about legos - now that he has discovered lego people! I'm so glad I kept on him - thanks.

Angelina said...

Meadows are great yard features. I'm cultivating one right now. Pretty honeysuckle and irises.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful yard, ahem, meadow.

Winks & Smiles,