Monday, January 05, 2009

And Everything's Good in the World Tonight

The holiday hullabaloo is packed and put away. Pretty much.

And "pretty much" makes me damn happy. I'm looking forward to a Very Quiet January.

Like most everyone else I know, taking time to reorganize, renew, refresh. Taking time to pester Aaron to clean out his damn cave, taking time to clean up my own shit.

And taking time to build Legos (which we haven't even put an adequate dint in our new stock), taking time to journal, to take more pictures, to clean the house and to cook (I'm thinking brownies... or maybe muffins... coffee cake?... hmm... the possibilities).

Taking time to simplify. Hello, 2009.


Anonymous said...

first glance, i thought that lego guy was patrick from sponge bob without all the head gear and stuff.

The Coffee Lady said...

bake all three. It's the right decision.

misschris said...

I made an awful coffee cake last weekend. Seriously, it sucked. I'm just sayin, if that helps you narrow things down a bit. It was very dissapointing.

Regrouping here too... xo

Anonymous said...

yes! i thought so...we love sponge bob :)
she can watch it for hours when cable has it playing back-to-back.

Reenie said...

That's some great Lego.. unfortunately the Lego supplies in Australia are limited at the moment to Batman ones..

I went mental on Harry Potter Lego (the Dementors are great) when it was out, but there hasn't been any good Lego here for ages