Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It Used to be So Easy Living Here with You, You Were Light and Breezy and I Knew Just What to Do

Day 16 of 19. I'm on the verge of death.

There is a mutiny going on in this home, Operation Overthrow Mommy, and it's working.

Their main warfare tactic?

Not letting Mommy get any sleep.

Send backup. Now.

I've been trying to keep us all busy and hey, it's working.

Small things like mending Griffin's blanket. Damn popped seams. And people wonder why I now allow a half-an-inch seam allowance.

And taking care of Tuckie, who says Yo. When did Tuckie decide he was gangsta? That's what I want to know.

I have to be doubly-careful with him. He's mentioned popping my ass if I don't give him adequate photography time on Tuesday. Be fearful. I am.

Another way to make the days go by, trying out a new recipe. With gluten-free changes, of course.

It smells so good in the oven right now.

And hey, look! The pillow top is done. now I have to sandwich it and start the quilting. Hopefully today.

I also made some drawer liners. This is a very old chest of drawers with really sad, scary drawers, which is typical in my house. Everything here is old and I love it that way, but it causes for some damage to anything made of fabric. So, drawer liners it is.

And a little scrapbooking.

And organization. Oh my Goddess, washed and folded fabric. Surely this does not belong to me.

Other things going on around here, Griffin working on tracing letters. He can recognize them all, but the writing ability needs some work. Also, lots and lots of coloring. And drawing. And driving Mommy crazy.

Oh, wait. That's a given.


Chara Michele said...

Oh my goodness you have been busy! And productive while your hubby is out of town! Are you trying to make the rest of us look back? Because I think it is working:)

Can I just say that I am jealous of your kitchen aid mixer! I would love to have one, but our kitchen is so ridiculously small that there is no extra counter or cupboard space...

Anonymous said...

Hang in there a few more days. And Yo, Tuckie! Good job eating that whole fish on Sunday!

Your projects look great. I'm looking forward to Aidin starting school so I can have a few more hours at home each week. I might actually get around to putting away the clean laundry.

I hope you get a spa day when Aaron gets back! Oh, wait. You have to throw a birthday party. Nevermind.

Chickenbells said...

Oh mommy...run away! Ok, most child protection agencies frown on that, but surely the turtle could take care of the boys? Either that or you could wash them, fold them up and put them in a box, poke some holes in the top though so they can breathe (oh dear...and I want kids?)

Kristy said...

Hang on in there only 3 more days!

PamKittyMorning said...

Yo Tuckie. You can tell he's from the 'hood.

But I bet he has your back.

Anonymous said...

oh wow, did you lock them in the basement whilst you did all this?

c'mon you can do it, you're almost at the end!!

lera said...

3 more days. you can do it. you can do it!! hang in there.

the pillow top looks great. i can't wait to see the finished pillow.

3 more days.

Oil Cloth Junkie said...

poor mom, poor,poor mom.
someday we'll be losing sleep because they didn't come home on time. (now that's a scary thought!)

Amy said...

I love the pillow case!

Time is ticking away.........just a few more days to go!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh, sleep is highly overrated anyway.

So I've heard.

Anonymous said...

you're in the home stretch - hang on!

Berber said...

The pillow is looking good already!!

Dana said...

Great blog. Just found it today. I've lived in the KC area. Some of my favorite places to eat are there (J.Gilberts, The Bronx -near KU med center, Garozzo's, Jazz . . . oh I could go on and on!) Funny how I'm finding and drawn to so many midwestern blogs.

Anyhow, I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

I heard his posse is dangerous too. Linny and Ming Ming are hardcore gangstas.

Anonymous said...

LOVE love love the logcabin cushion!! I'm on a bit of an orange bender at the moment.
Only a few more sleeps (or non-sleeps).

Soo said...

I love the cushion cover...where do you find the time to do everything??!!

Marshamlow said...

I always stay up too late when hubby is gone and then I am tired during the day, it is a vicious cycle of lonliness and sleep depravation. Sucks. Glad your time without the hubby is coming to an end. I hope there wont be another long one for awhile. I wish you could come over and organize my projects.