Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Things are not going well lately, but I'm trying to cope the best I can.

Katrina has affected me deeply, despite not living anywhere close to the south and not knowing anyone effected. But yet I am having nightmares and guilt issues, and am constantly wondering about what I feel I could be doing if I were closer. My heart goes out to each and every person touched by this tragedy.

On Friday we think we got a clue to the "puzzle" that is Griffin -- his speech teacher recommended getting him evaluated for Sensory Integration Disorder. I read some information on it and it seems to fit him to a tee.

Today we took Darwin back to the allergist and got over 80 allergy tests and two panels ordered. We also got referrals to a higher allergist and pediatric gastrointerologist.

So... we have hope in our house. And I have hope for the south as well.

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