Monday, November 19, 2007

And Please Don't Tell Me Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

Today I...

Sent Griffin off to school.

Had a meeting with a Yellow Pages designer and oversaw the designing of my dad's company's ad.

Picked Griffin up from school and spent 30 minutes working on numbers (with lots and lots of erasing).

Purchased a walking foot.

What still needs to be accomplished:

1. Take the boys to the park to play with friends (holy fuck, it's 75 degrees outside)

2. seeing if walking foot will actually fit sewing machine (Kenmore, which really should be called Ken-I-like-to-fuck-with-your-mind-more)

3. complete Thanksgiving menu (with us and my parents, would it be inappropriate to add caramel cupcakes to the list of desserts which include cranberry stewed pears, two pumpkin pies and an apple pie?)

4. make grocery shopping list

5. go to Whole Foods, buy food and turkey

6. cry at Whole Foods bill

7. cry and suck my thumb in the car in Whole Food's parking lot

All that seems totally reasonable to accomplish today, right?


Chickenbells said...

Oh's can accomplish anything on a Monday. The boys numbers look great! Good work...good luck with the walking foot...are you installing it so the sewing machine will vacuum when you're not at home? Cause' that would be very cool...Good luck in the Whole Food's parking lot...take a look around, because you won't be the only one (I was doing it in the parking lot of the local heath food yesterday...and I'm not buying a turkey this year...sob)

Ami said...

Is there a Trader Joe's anywhere near you? I just love the place and can get most anything I would get at The whole paycheck market there for cheaper.

lera said...

Ooh! A walking foot. What are your plans?

(I hope you had good luck at Whole Foods.)

Renee said...

I have to get my turkey soon. Can I put it on lay-away?

Amy said...

I just saw that the feet were on sale at Hancock, so I was going to pick up a walking foot, too!

Wasn't the weather great? I spent the whole afternoon cleaning off my patio.

Keri said...

"Kenmore, which really should be called Ken-I-like-to-fuck-with-your-mind-more"


Wait - is that weird?

laeroport said...

No problem for a wonder woman like yourself.

Yea for a walking foot!

And I am a believer in more is more as far as desserts go. One year for thanksgiving we had one pie per adult. That was like 15 pies. Score!

Kathy said...

I too have a Kenmore machine. I recently got the walking foot. And if your was anything like mine it had ZERO instructions on how to actually put it on. It took a few attempts to get it right. And then the little guide thingy just doesn't work for me. I assume (which may be my big problem here) that it just sits in the little grooves in the back but every time I start up the machine the guide falls out. So if you figure it out and it works for you let me know what you did!!! (mommiemarzie AT gmail DOT com) Thanks!

And the boy's numbers are awesome! I love seeing them grow and learn and master writing things like numbers and letters.

Angelina said...

See, when you do a "local" Thanksgiving, it's super easy because your menu is pretty limited in the first place.

I think you can accomplish it ALL.

Of course, you're long past this post now, but I'm just catching up from my solitary confinement.