Saturday, November 03, 2007

Giving Me the Courage and the Strength I Need



"Do you realize we've been together for 11 years today?"

"Hmmm... first Saturday of November. Married for seven years in September. Yep. Our seven-eleven anniversary."

"Eleven years. Crap."

"Eleven years of dealing with your crazy."

"Eleven years of dealing with your hording issues."

"It's not like you deserve a medal for that, Laura."



kristi said...

You do deserve a five-foot trophy ... but you know, if it was hollow, he'd just fill it full of more crap. ;)

Happy anniversary!

Frogdancer said...

Oh no... he's not a hoarder.....
it's fear of ending up having to deal with male crap like this that keeps me single. But then again, if that's his worst fault, look on the bright side. It's nothing that a casually tossed lit match won't cure!
Happy anniversary! If it's a 7/11, isn't the gift for that traditionally been a slurpie?

amy h said...

You guys are almost exactly one year up on us: ten years together, (almost) six years married. 7/11 should be lucky or something, right?

I do think hoarding-tolerance deserves a medal. :)

Chickenbells said...

Surely you have a Five Foot Trophy hanging around somewhere don't you?!?! Congratulations on the big 7-11...that's the Big Gulp one right?

Ali said...

The trophy probably has add on twiddly bits, one of which has somehow gone missing... But it might just come in handy sometime.

Zoe said...

Eleven years of dealing with hoarding issues? What about the pinworms? Or is that lower down on the scale of which case I don't want to know how bad the hoarding is.

Gale said...

I got a five foot trophy once - won it with my motorcycle - beat out my husband - who promptly hung his leather vest on it - the asshole.
love your blog - you make laugh - thanks

Renee said...

The romance is just neverending, eh? ;)
Happy Anniversary!