Tuesday, November 20, 2007

As You Leave Me Please Would You Close the Door

I have gluten-free bread rising on the counter and thought this meme I saw here and here (aw, crap, I lost the link found it!) would be good.

It is good, but it takes a long ass time to complete. Oh my hell.

Here’s how it goes:

1) Answer the questions and type into Google image search

2) Post a picture from first results page

• the age you will be on your next birthday

•a place you’d like to visit

•one of your favorite places

•your favorite object

•your favorite food

•your favorite animal

•your favorite color

•name of a past pet

•where you live

•1st grade teacher’s last name

•your middle name

•a bad habit of yours

•your college major

•your favorite holiday

(crap, some of those are tiny)


LauraJ said...

that was cool! i like cupcakes too! i may steal/borrow this soon!

Amy said...

Cool Crest rocks. :) I haven't been there in a long time.

Mirre said...


hazeljoy said...

what exactly is your middle name?

capello said...


my mom choose it because it has the word "christ" in it.

which is so very funny.

kristi said...

That is too cool. I tried a couple of those searches and got some very interesting results.

kristi said...

P.S. My name, too, is supposed to mean "little Christian." That kind of thing tends to backfire...

estea said...

you are so frakking awesome.

and you were nominated for stuff!




gwendomama said...

oh you had me at favorite object, favorite food, favorite animal....should i quit?

you wanna have a cupcake bakeoff?

Dana said...

Love it. The images are cool.

Mia said...

wow.. that's a lot of work for that meme :)

Dawn said...

That's an awesome one :)

dee said...

those are some cute baby turtles!!

deb said...

I found you from Dustpan Alley, just clicking around to links, and when I saw a post about gluten-free bread, I knew you were for me :). I have a son with celiac disease, and my household is veg*n, so I am always looking for food inspiration. Just wanted to say hi!

Chara Michele said...

I love this meme! :)

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