Tuesday, November 06, 2007

How the Home Computer Has Me on the Run

At six o'clock this morning (fuck, that's early), my computer decided to throw a temper tantrum rivaling all two-year-olds' hissy fits in the destruction of my psyche.

Basically, the little bitch (yes, my computer is a girl) (a teen-aged, hormonal one that winces at the notion of being seen with me in public) decided no! It wasn't working.

After half an hour of bitching (and Aaron telling me to stop cursing at the damn computer) (pot calling the kettle black), I went to the basement to spread my verbal wrath on the modem and wireless router.

Hehehehehehe, I said router.

::blink, blink:: Wait. Was that funny?

Anyway, three hours later and I was about ready to pull my fucking hair out because hello, that shit is Aaron's responsibility. So I called him and he gave me a seven page list of Shit To Check Before Crying To Him About It and all I could think of was my obligation to NaBloPoMo and fuck, was I going to have to figure out how to post from the library? Because you all better believe that I would still uphold my obligation to NaBloPoMo from the grave if that's what it took.

Unless, of course, "from the grave" included unlimited amounts of chocolate-chocolate cupcakes and Legos and in that case? Fuck you all, that's one hell of a party right there.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when the shit that Aaron told me to do actually worked.

Amazing, right? That a man could be correct for once?


lera said...

While rare it is, I haved occasionally found that Joe is right once in awhile.

Chickenbells said...


Don't tell him though...it'll just go to his head and then there will be no living with him...make him think one of the boys fixed it instead.

Frogdancer said...

So that's why people stay married.... computer stuff. I knew there must be a reason. (And considering how slowly my own home computer is running.... it's probably a damned good reason, too!)

Mebsmommy said...

Thanks for popping in and saying hey. I have peeked in on you even though I was neglecting my own blog. You never fail to make me smile. You put on the screen what my 'potty-mouth-personality' would say if I let her. She's such a hussy. I only let her out when I have thrown back a few too many. Which I wish I could tonight.

monica said...

I hope you didn't tell him he was right!!!!

He must never EVER know.

Marsha said...

I wish Aaron would come and fix my laptop. My actual teenage daughter broke the power cord. My desktop computer is old and slow and mostly broken. Has taken, 1 1/2 hours to read 3 blogs.

Logtar said...

I should do a computer workshop for local bloggers and let them bring their computers and I will fix them for them... I think it would be worth the time.

gwendomama said...

chocolate chocolate cupcakes and legos? unlimited? tell me there's pinot noir too, and i'll meet you there, babe. say when. (not yet)