Thursday, May 24, 2007

When I'm With You Baby, I Go Out of My Head and I Just Can't Get Enough, I Just Can't Get Enough


"Yes, Darwin?"

"I kiss your eye?"


"Mwah. Mama?"


"I kiss your odder eye?"


"Mwah. Mama?"


"I kiss your mouf?"


"Mwah. Mama?"

"Yeah, Dar?"

"I kiss your head?"


"Mwah. Mama?"

"Yes, Darwin"

"I kiss your boobies? I kiss your boobies?"

Aaron, "NO! Those are MY boobies! No kissing Mommy's boobies!"


Michelle said...

Men are so possessive!

oilclothjunkie said...

jeez,aaron, can't you share?

lera said...

That sounds just like a man! :-)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

hysterical! and good job Aaron teaching your sons that men think they can "own" us. Sheesh! :)

Mary said...

That's too funny!

dee said...

You should find a "no access" t-shirt...

Soo said...

So funny! What would we do without our kids?!

cheryl said...

LOL - a boob man eh? And a smart one at that!

Ali said...

Share nicely now boys!

Logtar said...

Yea, sure, get us addicted then take them away... no wonder we still get cravings!!! Boobdealers!

Chickenbells said...


Fidget said...

hee hee hee too cute!