Thursday, May 03, 2007

Only the Curious Have Something to Find

I love swaps. Have I mentioned that yet? I fuckin' love them.

First up: Vintage Button Swap Deux, from the awesomely fantastic Guylaine.

Lots and lots of buttons, awesome beads, earrings and a magnet. And oh, the magnet. I love me some cute magnets.

And I also participated in a spring fling (pink and green) swap, with the wonderful Fiona.

S - sunglasses case with tissue holder (green and white stripe) and milk straws
P - paper and pens, cupcake paper liners (so fucking cute)
R - (w)rapping paper (the flowers -- look at those flowers!)
I - I love Australia books, tattoos and towel
N - ninja turtle pez dispensers (yeah, Darwin wouldn't allow his to be photographed)
G - groovy face washers (they are so soft!)

So much amazing handmade stuff, I love it!

(To see what I sent Fiona, click on her name; Guylaine still hasn't received hers yet, damn it.)


Chickenbells said...

Love Them!! Swaps are too fun, I should do some and get rid of some of the back-log around here...Oh, went to check out Martha's stuff at Michaels. I felt a little sad I wasn't getting married or having a party...although, I did buy a patriotic ribbon garland...whoopie!

oilclothjunkie said...

yep, still completely intimidated by the whole swap thing. Wish I could get over my fear, it looks fun.

lera said...

Yay for 2 successful swaps! (love what you sent her, too!)

nuttnbunny said...

Won't you swap me, baby?
Won't you swap me, oh oh oh...

Mirre said...


Love the pouch you sent her too!

Chara Michele said...

Lovely swap goodies!

Oh and I am totally blaming the fact that I went to Michael's and bought some of the new Martha Stewart Craft stuff on you! :)

.tomate d'epingles. said...

oh! i just bow saw this!
i'm so glad you liked your stuff! cant wait to see what you created with the buttons

LLA said...

The wrapping paper!

Oh, the wrapping paper!!!!

love. it.