Monday, August 28, 2006

Yeah, We Divas But We Ride Like Big Boys Do

Aaron got home from his business trip Saturday evening. I spent the rest of the weekend running errands and sleeping.

So, yeah, I live an exciting life.

Since I haven't done this in awhile, here's an idea of search people do, and end up finding me...

bones in the neck that make sounds in the head -- um, ouch!

i need a fake foot cast -- hmmm... just what are you trying to get out of?

laura capello kansas -- really? the least you could do is leave me a comment. because, duh, you found me

how to make a fake table out of a shoebox
-- huh?

no appropriate behavio
-- no "r"?

"gluten free madeleines" -- I'll have that recipe in a the cookbook, if I ever get a publisher

"how to roll a doobie"
-- yeah, no clue

"tonsil cheese" blog -- ewww!

pedaphiles gymnastics taking pictures signs
-- if you asking that, then I'd think you have a pretty good idea already

why does it itch between my ass crack
-- perhaps you need to learn to wipe appropriately, you know, get all the moisture out

And, as we always know, all the freaking music search are about 75% of strangers finding me.

I need a nap now.


laeroport said...

But show us what you bought at Sarah's already!

Angela said...

Well, once again, disturbing searches to reach you. sigh. and ewwwww.

Why so many naps missy? What's going on?

Alicia A. said...

Stupid Blogger... I've been trying to comment all morning.

All I wanted to say was... yuck. Creepy people.

LLA said...

I thought I got some funny searches, but mine can't touch yours with a 10 foot pole! V. funny, v. disturbing!

estea said...

i will not google tonsil cheese
i will not google tonsil cheese
i will not google tonsil cheese
i will not google tonsil cheese
i will not google tonsil cheese
i will not google tonsil cheese
i will not google tonsil cheese
i will not google tonsil cheese

stupid foot!

p.s., all I get are "ruin maple floors". i kid you not. buggers

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I find some of the searches odd but I must say the list you posted today topped anything I could muster. I get a lot of thrift and apron which is pretty straight forward. On the publisher part, do you have any contacts? I might be able to find some if you need help. Or at least writers who might point you in the right direction. I can't wait for your book to come out. I'll be the first in line to buy it.

diana said...

glad to hear the reinforcer came home... how is the cookbook coming along ? Dont yell at me... just an
innocent question !!!! :)

vintagechica said...

Ha, ha, ha ...I just have to laugh!!! That list is hilarious! Weird people never cease to amaze me. No not you, the people doing the weird searches.

Cathy said...

hahahahahaha! You are the itchy ass crack sage!

PamKittyMorning said...

So how do you find out how people find you ? Because I really need to know that. Although probably never going to have anything as cool as tonsil cheese. You rock.

amy h said...

How funny, and strange. I haven't let my blog go totally public to search engines, so I don't have any searchers. Maybe that would be entertaining. Or scary. :)

Kristy said...

How do you find this out anyway?

beki said...

Wow, isn't that interesting...and a bit freaky.

Amy said...

Seriously -- that is really, really weird. I'm glad I don't know how to find out how people Google me.