Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm Special (Special), So Special (Special), I Gotta Have Some of Your Attention, Give it to Me

Yesterday, I had gluten in my lunch.

I know! I know!

Whomever purchased the last round of frozen gluten-free macaroni and cheese got one made with wheat by mistake (my guess it was mixed up in the freezer section). I had two bites and was all, Hmmm... this tastes off.

Turns out, I was right.

Vomiting is fun.

Especially when blood is involved.

Mmmm, blood.

Stupid wheat allergy.

New subject!

wants us to flash our dining rooms. (She's a wee bit demanding, yes?)

(I'm just kidding.)

(Sort of.)

After last week's living room post, I decided I'm not going to clean up for you all. So you may bask in the dirtiness and filth.

Now, I don't have a "dining room" per se... we call it "the breakfast room" (mainly because it is pathetically small).

Here's the view from the living room (see? red armoire on the left).

This is where I write all these creative little rants about life (photo-hungry children included).

We practice the "hang shit where they left the nails" philosophy. And those green shelves where there when we moved in. I'd like to do something with this wall, but haven't figured out what yet, particularly thanks to the non-existent budget. I'd particularly like some device that would hold cookbooks, but it would have to be thin (I don't like banging my head against stuff, weird, I know). Any decorating advice would be helpful.

Just to the right of Griffin is the hallway.

And this is the view from the hallway. Isn't that the best bumper sticker ever?

And this is the view from the telephone table. See the pile of magazines to read?

And let us not forget the beautiful flooring. The children had decided to start pick-pick-picking at the linoleum tiles and eat it. So, being the budget-minded person I am, I figured out a way to fill them (wood filler! polyurethane!).

And the view into the kitchen from where I sit. See? I didn't clean those counters off at all.

I hope this makes everyone happy.

And I hope you all feel like much better people for having a cleaner dining room than I have.


LLA said...

Sorry to hear that you're wharfing up blood! (yikes!)Damn gluten...

Enjoyed the glimpse of the house!

beki said...

Yikes on the gluten poisoning!
I like your hanging pot rack, cool. My "dining room" is about as big as yours.

Angela said...

I hope you are feeling better.
I see artwork on the cabinets! cute! Sweet mommy.
I like your bright white table and chairs-shocking, right?
The space isn't that small. At least they're are windows.
I can't believe you didn't clean up before I came to visit. You KNEW I was coming. Man. some people.
bossy and demanding is me!

kristi said...

Yuck! Damn gluten. I hope you're feeling better now.

And my dining room is actually messier than that, because the table is covered with Legos.

lera said...

sorry to hear about your bad gluten reaction! hope you are feeling better.

Ali said...

Oh for a laptop so I could blog without hiding away upstairs.

Who knew macaroni could be so lethal - yick.

Lyn said...

I'm happy! Not about the barfing (YUK) about the non clear counters!

marshamlow said...

The pans hanging from the ceiling in the background, very lovely! I hope to do that someday.

kirsty said...

Come on, Capello, you're not really trying! If you really want me to feel better than you, then you need at least a layer of crumbs on the floor and some dirty dishes on the table.

diana said...

Thanks for letting me visit your home I love the pot rack and the little phone stand... and I also love that it iis so child centered ...you are just a softie capello !!

amy h said...

Yeah, that is *such* a mess. :) I didn't even bother to clear off my kitchen counters for the banner on my page -- they are perpetually covered.

Sorry about the gluten reaction -- wow, that was a strong reaction!

You could put a cookbook-height shelf just below the ceiling -- then you wouldn't hit your head. A painted piece of lumber and some brackets aren't pricey. You might even have some lumber lurking in the garage or somethiing (I know we generally do).

PamKittyMorning said...

Love it. Very much thank you. Hope you're feeling better.

PamKittyMorning said...

Just read your whole blog and have to say love you love your blog. Along with a bitchin' cookbook you should write a novel. Or something. Well nevermind you do. And I'm hooked.

Cathy said...

Ouch! I'm so sorry you had a wheat reaction, it sounds so painful. I hope you feel better.

And, funny woman, you had me peeing my pants with this dining room post. Seriously, I cannot even find my dining room table so take heart, your mess is not that bad.

BTW, I love that floral swag over the entry to the dining room.

Oh yeah, an idea I saw in the Pottery Barn catalog (no, I can't afford them, I just look)... Use picture rails/shelves and display your cookbooks like pictures. It is flat and decorative.

Cheryl said...

ugh - blood? You POOR dear! Your house is spotless. how is this possible with a broken foot???

Amy said...

Love the lego decoration on the phone table! Perfect.

Hope you are feeling better today.

Joanne said...

Wonderful bumper sticker! Of course, my favorite one I've seen (why, oh why didn't I buy it at the time?) said, "My wife thinks I'm at Promise Keepers!"