Monday, May 22, 2006

Workin' Too Hard Can Give Me a Heart Attack-ack-ack-ack-ack-ack

It is barely after Noon, and already I have gone to the gym! Made a grocery list! Gone to Whole Foods! Made breakfast and lunch! And have talked! with! lots! of! exclamation! points!

It must be the endorphins.

Not even two years old, and already my baby has been in a shuffle over his cocaine addiction.

(Oh, please, that's not cocaine -- it's formula. Neocate formula. And it's more expensive than blow anyway.)

Last night for dinner, I made my famous pumpkin pasta -- one of the recipes that is definitely going in the cookbook...

... except I had to make it with frozen pureed winter squash, because Whole Foods is under the impression that people don't eat pumpkin through out the year.

Tonight, I will be working to perfect Aaron's Proclaimed Greens'n'Beans Soup. I don't know what's going on with his appetite, requesting two cold-weather dinners when we're hitting 90 degrees.

I vacuumed the baking soda out of the buffet, but it still stinks. So we moved it outside and I sprayed 381 bottles of febreze in it....

... and then moved it to the garage because it is still stink-kay.

So, we just realized this weekend that we are having Darwin's birthday party in a few weeks, and what in tarnation are we gonna do? I found some material that I like for inspiration, but I can't quite decide. Also, Aaron's going on a two-week business trip next week (so be prepared for demented Laura), and can I really get everything handmade and ready for the party if Aaron is gone the entire time?

Help, me internet, help me! (oh crap, another exclamation point)


Angela said...

Whole foods on a MOnday? I thought that was a Tues/Thurs. thing? Impressive got done list ya got. That powder nosed baby is cah-U-tah!
Sorry about stinky least it's not your whole house! ahem. And that material is way groovy as is that pumpkin pasta...sounds yummalicious! AS for the hand made birthday dilema....hmmm...will think on that.

Julie said...

SUPERMUM!! When is the birthday, we also have one to organise!!! Love the recipe for the pumpkin pasta!!

Amy said...

Maybe he would just like a cape made by just tying that fantastic fabric around his shoulders. I'd take it :-)

Ali said...

With all that energy buzzing around, you'll have his party sorted in no time.

Bummer about the still-smelly cabinet.

Tom said...

that stinks that your buffet still stinks. but i give you credit for trying to air it out. i have this old desk i bought at a resale shop and when you open the drawers there's always this "old desk" smell. but i've never bothered to try to de-smell it. (what can i say, i'm a guy.) ooooh...... and i'm sure you'll pull off everything for the party fabulously. i don't know how, but i do have faith.

marshamlow said...

I hope you find a way to get the smoke smell out. My hubby is out of town now, and will miss my b-day. Weird how my personality totally changes when he is away. Good luck on all the projects and how did I miss the pumpkin pasta recipe? I love pumpkin, butternut squash and acorn squash. I add them to many recipes in place of the bad starches we cannot have. I tend to add a bit of brandy when I add a bit of the squash.

Alicia A. said...

Did you try scrubbing the inside with something? I bet there's some magical cleaner out there that would help.

Cute, Darwin. What a ham you are.

manda said...

Wow, we weren't gonna let Bella try cocaine until she was at least 3!
(and did you say 'demented' Laura??!)

karen said...

Like the sound of yor pumpkin pasta - might ive me something to do with all the pumpkins I am hoping to harvest come October!

That fabric is great - so cute.

Sounds like you have far to much energy at the moment!

LLA said...

such cute fabric!

Don't worry about all you have to get done, just see if you can borrow some of the little man's formula... :)