Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hace Calor, Mucho Calor; Could Fry an Egg on the Cement it's So Caliente!

I took the boys out to the Deanna Rose farmstead this morning to play with some friends, and oy. Unlike some friends, I am not a summer person. And it's not even summer yet. I'm such a delicate, little flower like that.

Anyway, gratuitous children photos! Looking at animals in too-small pens! (And yes, everytime I go there I feel awful, simply awful. But it is free, and makes my children run and get fresh air and sunshine and all those things that good mothers are suppose to give their children.)

Butterfly garden! With multi-colored stepping stones that Darwin played on for 15 minutes and cried when I made him get off!
Griffin pondering why the bald eagle has such a small home.
Baby goats!

Last night I took my scrapbook page to the scrapbook store. When I handed it to the employee (the same one that helped bully me into doing it), she acted excited and ooooooo'd and then said, "Is this just one page?"


"Oh, most people do two pages."

"Well, that wasn't a rule."

So then she called the owner of the store. Ohmygawd, are you serious? The owner was fine with it, but the worker was acting kinda miffed. And then I looked at the five submissions other people have turned in...

... from across the room they looked like trash. Seriously. And that is SO COMPLETELY MEAN OF ME AND I'M VERY SORRY. Up close, they were very detailed. Lots of layers, lots of ink, lots of distressing and I started laughing. I don't like to spend a lot of time scrapbooking a single page. Additionally, I like the photos to tell the story, not the embellishments. And I'm all about clean lines and LOOKING GOOD ACROSS THE ROOM.

So now I'm completely convinced there's no chance I'm gonna win, but whatever. It was interesting to do. And I'm very interested to see who they choose as the winners and display in the store for months, high up on the ceiling where you have to look at them from at least eight feet away.

And to answer a couple of questions, nope this is the first time I've used a song lyric as a scrapbook page title. For those letters I used my quickutz -- specifically the olivia font. I also have the khaki uppercase and CK handprint fonts. After I cut out the letters, I run them through a xyron machine. I will say that quickutz is spendy, a complete pain in the ass to use, it takes forever BUT the end results are totally worth it (and I'm convinced that the start-up costs will make it economical if I use it for almost all my major lettering needs).

Okay, I'm off to go clean the house for the rest of the day... my best friend is coming to town all the way from Wisconsin tomorrow for part of the weekend. I am SO EXCITED!


Joanna said...

The kids look like they're having a great time. Laughing at your description of the other scrapbook pages. I'm with you...simple is better, and it should be about the pictures, not about pasting as much cr*p as possible on every page. Hope you win!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the kids had a great day _- Noah loves going to the farm too.

have a great weekend with your friend

Anonymous said...

I'm not a summer person either - and I live in (can I say this on your blog) fucking Texas! I know it gets hot up there too -- but damn Gina, its bad here. I'll check back with you in July and August, we'll both we wilted.

Never been to that Deana Rose place though my parents keep suggesting we go.

Ali said...

Hate rude shop assistants.

I looked at some of your links - scrapbooking is unknown territory for me, but I'm stunned at how much STUFF you can buy for it. I'd be broke permanemntly.

Anonymous said...

You just have better graphic arts skills than those other yahoos do. I think a good simple design with good photos is much better. What was up with that clerk? If she's getting bent out of shape over small things like that, she needs to get a sense of perspective. I'd be willing to lend her my kids for awhile ... that would do it!

Tom said...

Cute pix! And have a fun weekend with your BFF!!!

Anonymous said...

The boys look like they had a great time! I'd cry if you wanted me to get off the colored rocks too.
I think YOUR simplicity page was faboo. Snotty people suck.
I too HATE humidity summer heat! I'm dying already and we don't have flippin' AC! sob sob sob. Save me.
Have a great weekend!

hannah said...

i think the fish pond freaks me out the most at that place. glad the boys had fun!

Anonymous said...

I wish wish wish there was somewhere like that to take my daughter here. I hate summer too - especially in Nevada. be glad you don't live here - you would feel like a friggin roasted turkey everytime you leave the house. GRRRRR. And as for scrapping - well, I AM, of those 8 hour page kind of people. LOL.

Marshamlow said...

Won't that employee be mad when you win! I am always a bit torn about zoos and such, hate the cages but the kiddies love to go, what is a mom to do.

Stitchy said...

Man, those are cute kids you've got. I miss that age. Hey, I missed something somewhere. why is your buffet stinky? I think I better go re-read. Anyway, you make me laugh. Take care.

Anonymous said...

So I guess it's hot then? You people don't know how lucky you are! ;)
And anyone can stick a whole ton of expensive crap on a page - it takes actual talent to put together a few select items and make it look great!

Anonymous said...

Tell that clerk to... suck it.