Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I Will Be Your, I Will Be Your, I'll Be Your ROCKET, Yeah! Satellite of Love

Oy, what a weekend.

We agreed on a theme for Darwin's birthday, with lots of help from him...

Rockets! Yeah! (Ooooh, and be very impressed with my mad photo-editing-in-paint skills.)

Those freakin' things took quite a while. The rockets were hand-cut from scrapbooking paper made by Basic Grey. The invites were printed on the laser printer and mounted onto dark blue cardstock.

I used a new tape runner made by scotch (because it was half the price of Dotto, which is what I normally use -- and I use the removable and needed permanent for these), and I totally Was Not Happy with the results of the scotch. It was very gummy and not precise, so when I use it all the package will go in the trash and I'll get another Dotto -- one for permanent adhesive and one for removable adhesive.

Yes, I know, I'm crazy. I could have just purchased prepackaged party supplies, but I'm insane.

My best friend, who now lives over 700 miles away from me, came to town for part of the weekend. Unfortunately, her baby was not feeling so well so our visit was cut short.

But he's still as cute as a button, doncha think?

I got my package shipped off for the trim swap this morning, and I even have a teaser...

My package was shipped off to someone in England, and I'm quite nervous. I hope the person I got likes what I got her (the swap is a round robin, and full of surprises!). Hopefully, she'll receive her package in the next week and I'll post then.

So, I have a cockamaney idea to make something with these...

Can you guess what I'm going to make? (Ha! If I ever get a chance to make it, that is!)

Aaron left this morning for a big ole business trip. He is gone at least until June 9th (June 9th, I am so totally screwed). As an added bonus, both boys are running fevers, Griffin pee'd on the couch while taking a surprise nap and Darwin has explosive diarrhea.

Really, you should be Quite Jealous.


Anonymous said...

The invites look groovy! Those rockets are tooooo cool for school man.
That baby was cute and I'm sorry your visit was cut short, but at least you got to spend some time together.
Ohkay...red,white, and blue? errr...uh...a flag? a robot softie? one of those triangle flag banner bunting thingamajigs that I keep meaning to make? well....what is it?
Oh, the package for your swap is great. 8-)

Kristy said...

I love the trim swap packaging!Don't you just love sleepng sofa accidents -not!!!

LLA said...

Oooh - so much food for thought!

First of all - love, love, love the invites! And, yes - some may say that you are crazy since you could have just purchased prepackaged supplies, however, I say revel in your craftiness now!
Because in a few short years, your kids will be begging you to just buy the tacky fill-in-the-blank invites from Kroger with the tacky@$$ flavor-of-the-month kid's movie characters on them. And you'll be so overwhelmed with all the homework, PTA, shuttling from one activity to the other, that you will actually cave and buy them. So revel while you can.

Cute baby, sorry he was sickly. Did he share the love with your boys (and that's why they're running fevers? No good deed goes unpunished...)

That's a long stretch on your own. Be strong.... Too bad tequila makes you hive-y.

Ali said...

Flash invitations! Is the thing a minimoopy? (Not that I'm obsessed at the moment or anything..!)

Why is it that kids always save thie finest hour for when you're flying solo?

Marshamlow said...

I am so sorry our boys are not feeling well. I hope they get better soon! Your invitations are wonderful, I can't wait to see what you do with the fabric.

Stitchy said...

Fifteen invites! OK, you are crazy! Actually, I was into elaborate birthday parties for my kids when they were small.But every year I got a little wiser and a little more simple. Nice, but simple.
I love that fabric, and I'm guessing you're going to do something patriotic, but I don't see you as that type. No offence.And about the sick kiddos (they will both be sick by the time you read this)All I can say is - this too shall pass.

Anonymous said...

Rockin' rockets!

You're making a I-Hate-George-W bunting for the 4th of July. Am I right?

Those boys. Hope they feel better soon.

julie said...

The invites look fantastic!!!
I love the packaging for your swap - great idea!!

Berber said...

Those invites were worth the trouble... they're lovely!
Good luck being on your own with two sick boys!!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I went totally crazy for Emilys birthday and kinda forgot it was only toddlers who don't care about how wonderfully designed everything is! I made invites and even the party bags cause I can't stand any of the plastic stuff you get for these things! A rocket party is cool - have fun!

Anonymous said...

Love the invites! I am already a prepackaged-party-supply-slacker, I'm afraid. I can't believe how big Darwin is getting!

Hope everyone is well soon, so you can get out for playdates!

Toni said...

Those fabrics are so cute! I'm thinking some aprons?? Sorry, I've got aprons on the brain these days.

lindiepindie said...

Would it totally freak you out if I said I could read your address on those cards? JUST KIDDING! I posted some hand made invites before and that was one thing I was SOOOOOO paranoid about, although my crossout job wasn't as good as yours.

The invites look great - they will be appreciated and all the other moms will feel guilty that they used store bought ones for their kiddos, then they'll handmake the next ones due to YOUR inspiration.

lera said...

great invites! i like the handmade look as opposed to the store-bought ones.

love that fabric. GREAT colors!

sorry about sick kids and "explovies" as we call them. you know i've been there not too long ago (you've seen my posts).

good luck without your hubby.

Anonymous said...

great invitations! i love the flour sack and the new material.