Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Might As Well Face It - - You're Addicted to Love

Ever have one of those days where you feel like your a chicken with your head cut off?

Oh, wait. Did I say day? I meant life.

Anyway, ran around all damn day. Got lots of errands ran. Even got to have a little annual visit with the OBGYN.

When I got home, Aaron mowed (finally, the rain is killin' me! And it's suppose to storm tonight and tomorrow. Oh, and my arms totally hurt from the freakin' shots yesterday AND my thighs still hurt from the four hours of deranged weeding I did Thursday) and the boys swept the driveway.

What a freakin' production.

I'm hoping to work in the garden tomorrow, but if we get any rain tonight or tomorrow it's not going to happen. It's barely dry enough to do anything, one more ounce of rain will likely wash everything away.

And for creating something today...

I started working on the Mother's Day cards. Oh good gawd, the Mother's Day cards. I need to make at least six, I wanted to make at eight. I had 14 cards to begin with. I have six with (barely) acceptable stamps on them. Argh! Oh well. Hopefully I can finish them up tonight, if not, tomorrow.

Hey, at least I created! I never promised a completed project everyday.

Oh, and speaking of Mother's Day... I've been on ebay the past few days bidding/ordering my gifts (yes, as in gifts for me, because Aaron said I had to buy my own gifts). Pppffffttttt.


Anonymous said...

Do tell! What are you dying to have for Mother's Day. I know what I am getting, but to had to tell my husband. Can't they figure out gifts themsleves? I think not!!
Sorry to hear you still feel like crap. Feel better. I will call to chat soon

Anonymous said...

Crap. More rain?!

I just picked myself out a new pair of shoes at Zappos. They are in my shopping cart and I told him how to find them. Do you think that is a big enough hint? (It might not be.)

lindiepindie said...

It sounds like you have the freedom to get yourself whatever you want - that's a nice gift!

You had an appointment with you OBGYN today, too? Did you wait for an hour and a half to see her, like I did?

Marshamlow said...

My husband said I had to combine my birthday and Mother's day into one day, my birthday isn't until May 26th.

Your yard is awesome! I hope the rain stays away for awhile, April showers not May showers.

Anonymous said...

hope your arm gets better. hug-hug.
damn..your driveway! i'm still jealous. like the picture with you looking out the window at them :) that's the way to do it!

Joanna said...

I have those days often...always seems like there's so much to do and two little guys to drag around with me everywhere whether they like it or not!

Hope your arm feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

HOpe you feel better soon. and did you say SIX cards. gah to you! Could your driveway be any bigger? I mean really.
I'm dodging my annual appt. I had no idea it was May? whaaa?
Ain't got nothing but rain here too! Go away now please. "Mr sun, sun, mister golden sun please shine down on meeeee."

Anonymous said...

Capello, found you through Creative little Daisy. I know this is in wrong box. Just wanted to say my daughter had severe eczema seeing those bandaged little feet took me right back. It is very hard. Best wishes