Monday, August 06, 2007

Can't You See That I Am Losing My Marbles? It's Marvelous, Losing Another, Losing Another

You know, I'm really tired of bitching about the heat. But seriously, there's nothing else to bitch about.

Oh, right. There is my hair. My fucking too short, won't even get off my neck in five (five!) ponytails, ridiculously incompetent hair.

And I suppose I could bitch about money. And writing jobs that are actually disguises for advertising campaigns (where has our ethical code gone?).

Or I could complain about this being Aaron's last week in town before he goes on a three-to-four week business trip, oh my hell.

But meh, it's too hot to bitch and complain.

Let's see... good news... good news.. hmmm... good news... oh! Yes! I got some sewing time this weekend. But I can't ruin my friend's birthday surprise so I have to hold off till next Monday. Damn.

You would like me to bitch about that?


Oil Cloth Junkie said...

oh, honey, 5 ponytails???

Angelina said...

I think you could start a girl-band with that hair do.

Why does Aaron have to take such long business trips? I don't think I could deal with that. If I had not kids I would totally LOVE IT. But with kids? ON your own for a month?

Holy shit.

LJ said...

you pull off the 5 ponytails very well. did you go out (I mean in public) like that?

Anonymous said...

love love love that 'do (i sport one quite similar on hot days here too!)

amy h said...

That's how I ended up with shorter hair -- I can't stand to have it on my neck!

Yeah, writing jobs are not easy to come by. I saw one the other day to be a craft-blogger on babycenter at least five days a week, and they asked if you had ANY salary requirement at all. I guess writers don't deserve any salary at all. I'm trying to keep the freelance lines open with my soon-to-be-old job, because I know those financial tight spots pop up.

Berber said...

I like the hair :)

Anonymous said...

Another trip? Are you being tortured?

I keep wondering why I won't go for a trim on the hair I haven't cut in 15 months. Then I remember, "oh yeah..I never take it out of this stupid clip because it's too hot" Why spend the money? It's too hot for fashion.

lera said...

I think your ponytails need to be braided, too. :-)

Chickenbells said...

Now that is an interesting hair-do...or is it don't?

Amanda said...

Wow. I am a new reader of your blog. You're funny as hell.

Heidijayhawk said...

fuck it. do whatever it takes to get your hair off your back! it will grow out. it will grow out. it will grow out.

Emy said...

Sweet hair!!!
So maybe the high up pigtails doesn't work.
Buy a whole pack of bobby pins and pin it up. If you do it while it's wet and kind of pin it in circles, it leaves your hair curly when you take it down!
Sorry about the hubby going out of town again. That sucks.

Chara Michele said...

I don't think I could handle my husband taking such long business trips! (And I don't even have kids to deal with!)

And it is way too hot outside right now to not be able to pull your hair back!!! I am still going with pigtails to try to keep it off my neck. (I tried one ponytail yesterday but it all kept falling out.... still too short.)

Your hair makes me think of this way that Gwen Stefani will sometimes wear her hair... So I had to go and find it. Maybe you should try it? :)

Amy said...

Oh my. I SO hope you are laughing because I am & I want to be able to say, "I am laughing with you not at you!"

Me and Him said...

I used to wear my hair like that...when I was about 7.

I'm with Lera, I think you need to braid them.

Can't Aaron take the boys with him, and leave you home alone for the 4 weeks? :)