Monday, July 31, 2006

I Need to Move, I Need Wake Up, I Need to Change, I Need to Shake Up, I Need to Speak Out

Aaron and I went to see An Inconvenient Truth (Al Gore's documentary on the environment) yesterday. It was very moving, very inspirational and brought home a lot of my and Aaron's beliefs.

Our goal is build a solar-powered home. We want to own land and grow the majority of our own fruits and vegetables, based on the Safeguard Organic Standards, not the lowly USDA . We want hybrid cars. Of course, all these things cost money we don't have, so waiting it is. But in our everyday lives we still try to be as conservative as possible.

Anyone that knows me well knows that not only do I cook gluten-free based on our food allergies, but I'm also a stickler about additives, food colors, antibiotics, pesticides and everything else you shouldn't find in your food (Pepsi habit not withstanding).

I've said it many times, but the American diet is disgusting.

Do we really need mono- and di glycerides in fruit juices?

How about injecting meat for the market with hormones?

If we can make our own baked goods without artificial colors, flavors and chemically-made ingredients, can't food manufacturers make quick mixes without them too?

In my idealistic little world, if my cookbook gets published it's going to be more than a "here's how you cook gluten-free." It's going to discuss why you should cook gluten free (Aaron's not allergic to wheat, yet his health has significantly improved since being gluten-free. He no longer has heartburn, for starters).

So many people suffer from a myriad of health problems -- just general uncomfortableness. Are people not making the realization of the effects the environment has on them and the effects of the food (if you can call it that) they put in their bodies?

Are we so lazy, as a society, that we are willing to kill ourselves out of our laziness? Is it something else?


Anonymous said...

I am afraid to go see that movie. The trailers for it scare the crap out of me. I get so worked up over global warming and the HORRIBLE way we treat the earth. I also would like to grow our own food and be self sufficant. It amazes me what people eat. Anyway... I agree with what you are saying. Hope you achieve your goals. :)

kristi said...

It's probably partly laziness, partly ignorance, and (for the not-so-ignorant) a feeling that it's so hard to eat well that it's almost a hopeless cause. There is a very powerful and well-funded effort to keep us eating crap, and lots of it. There's definitely a need for your cookbook!

I am lazy and enjoy modern conveniences, but I get the feeling we'd be better off growing our own food, butchering our own chickens for dinner, and staying the hell away from anything processed.

Amy said...

Sing it sister. I'm not perfect and not gluten free for sure -- but I'm striving.

I haven't seen the movie but just read a little essay in the most recent National Geographic that really scared me. I get scared about once a month about this.

And my personal favorite lyric on this theme is "I can't run, but I can walk much faster than this... Cannot run but..."

Alicia A. said...

You know how I feel about all this- and we really try to do what we can.

The movie was EXCELLENT, but I really feel like it was "preaching to the choir." Most of the people I know who NEED to see that movie wouldn't go just because it's Al Gore.

Cheryl said...

I want to see that movie as well - someone was telling me that they have known about global warming since the 50's!!! HELLO!

As for cooking - well, I agree. I grew up in a house where NOTHING came out of a box. I am starting to enjoy cooking more now as I get older and not so lazy.

yes, it's lazy - and a case of "if I can't see it, it won't hurt me." It's called the blind eye.

But I like "stupidity" better.

Congrats on walking by the way!

marshamlow said...

I have dreams of someday living the simple life as well. Even thought of a windmill or solar power. I want to invent something that converts all the energy generated by the bikes, eliptical trainers, etc into energy, and then power my home with sweat.

In my opinion Americans are not lazy, they are over worked. Our work ethic is that you are given more work than is humanly possible and then criticised for making mistakes. In Europe and Japan people have a more reasonable work load and can therefore leave the office feeling like they accomplished something instead of feeling like they aren't doing enough. I think that feeling like we aren't doing enough all the time creates the need for some comfort and we find it in food and TV. Just my thoughts. Glad you got your boot off.

estea said...

two words: lobbyists. Madison Avenue.

i am so sick of the neverending marketing. it's pathetic that it works so well. "Whole Grain" my ass. We had a box of cereal that said that and the ingredients list was exactly the same as the pre-Whole Grain box.

we do what i can. i don't buy everything al (or any other politician, former or current) says, but i do think there are so many people walking around complaining of their ills, diabetes, feeling tired, feeling sick, needing meds for this and that, and their LIFESTYLE is crapola. I have relatives who eat everything from a can or defrosted box. the sodium, the sodium alone! omg.

HOWEVER, i grew up living the simple life, on a farm, and you probably already know this, but it's a helluvalottawork. but can be very rewarding. not for everyone. it's very cool that you have the desire.

we try to put into our kids the idea that we are not simply on the planet to consume and be entertained, and that things have to be taken care of. our bodies, the earth, etc.

gah but I'm preachy. i'll stop now. cause i need to make those horrible white bread rolls...kidding! that's a once a month deal. don't hate me cause i can eat the big G.! ;)

Bitterbetty said...

Quitting my relatively high paying job because of the long commute and the other costs involved for myself and those I care for.( Eating convient and gross food for instance)
My mom went solar as a practical war protest.. And my Hub and I will cut back where we can until we can afford to even more.
I have never felt better about doing more with less.

you rule!!!!

Kim said...

Amen, sister. We get greener by the day, here, and even Jason jumps on board. I was running recently, and saddened to tears by all the garbage on the stretch of road I was on... especially in New Hampshire... just seems people would wnat to keep it pristine. So the family and I picked it all up over the 4th of July. Jason bitched up a storm when ants attacked his arm, but admitted he felt good about it afterwards.
That's not to toot my horn, though, b/c there's always room for improvement. But I don't want to see the movie b/c I think it will just make me mad at the willful ignorance of people. Now Sam asks me, "Why do people litter? Why do they hurt Mother Nature? Is that garbage on the road, over there?"
Of course, he is also very vocal that he won't eat cow. "I don't want to eat a cow. Or a pig. Or lobster."

Angela said...

Laura for President?
I like what you're saying. Go Lady! I so hope you get to live that dream How wonderful. I'd love an old house running all on solar power! Hey, where do you want this dream house of yours to be anyway, just curious?
I so agree with the grossness of most food. I think it is laziness, convenience, habit, blind-eye, and American culture mostly.
I hope your cook book really takes off...make sure you put in some lazy American recipes in there, for me of course....It can still be quick AND healthy right? 8-)
Better yet, you can still come live with me and be my chef.
I still promise cleaning and organizational services.

beki said...

I'd like to see that movie. I do need to do better, be more conscious of what I do that's hurting the planet, but it's so hard. We do the best we can. I would love to grow my own produce and cook better as well, but there aren't enough hours in the day. I really am afraid of what the future will bring.

Cathy said...

*sigh* I wish everyone was more green and took more interest in what they are eating. I have come a long way in both areas but I still love my conveniences. I think our next car is going to be hybrid, and I would love to solarize our house.

BTW, my heartburn has improved dramatically since I cut my wheat and gluten consumption to almost nil.

Leanne said...

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Al's movie here in my neck of the woods. I've heard good things...

As for the green lifestyle, I am thrilled to see the momentum it is picking up, especially in the blogging community. We've been extremely green in the past, and when the twins were born, we were very NOT green, due to the obvious. But now we're back on track, growing our own veggies and eating only organic meat/poultry that is grown down the road, and using only recycled materials in our paper products. We don't use paper napkins, when I can wash cloth ones with the rest of the laundry, and we don't drive unless we have to. Put it this way, in the three years we've had our minivan, it only has 16,000 miles on it!

Keep it up, as any effort is a good effort. We need to get the world moving in this direction now. Did you see 60 minutes the other night? We only have about 10 years before this problem is irreversible!!!! Keep posting, and hopefully if enough of us are blogging it, it will get out there!

kirsty said...

We are all STARTING to get it, I think. I was amazed when I was in the US a couple of years ago. I couldn't find any breakfast cereal that wasn't 80% sugar. It took me a week of going to the same supermarket before I found something normal IN THE HEALTH FOOD SECTION!!!! Since when is regular food without sugar "health food"????

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I haven't gone gluten free, but I do drive a hybrid. (toyota highlander.......LOVE IT)
I agree, the American Diet is SO SO BAD! I wish I had the willpower to go sugar and white flour free.

nuttnbunny said...

I think it is pure and utter laziness.