Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tell Me Why Ain't Nobody Satisfied

Dear Universe,

Really, must you be so trying?

Must you have my husband call me in a panic over the potential of him traveling while my foot is broken?

(Thank you for not making him travel for at least two more weeks.)

(And you'd better make sure that happens, too.)

Why must my foot be broken anyway?

Why do my in-laws disagree with me over putting family first?

(Thank you for not letting it become a fight this time.)

And do you really think it's funny to have Griffin tell me that I will go to the doctor and find out I have a baby in my belly?

Because it is not funny, Universe.

Really, it's not.

You know the Earth will rotate off its axis and burst in the Sun in a flame of glory if I ever get pregnant.

Stop laughing, Universe.

And don't get any cockamaney ideas, either.

Why must my Frankenfoot scuff off the floor?

You know I can't reach over and scrub it properly, Universe.

Is that comic laughter I hear?

It's not funny.

Really, it's not.

Thank you for the time to scrapbook yesterday.

Even though you've thrown thousands of monkey wrenches into life and I'm over seven months behind.

Thanks a lot, Universe.

Please keep your own wrenches for now on.

Or share them elsewhere.




Ali said...

Dear Lara,


The Universe

Angela said...

That hubby is not travelling anywhere.
Yeah, for some scrappin'.

kirsty said...

Is it just me? Or does the sun look bigger today?

Nice scrapping!

Alicia A. said...

Call me if you need anything. Don't forget.

Cheer up- we won something!

kristi said...

That Universe has a sick sense of humor. I'm glad it at least gave you a few moments' peace to scrapbook!

kirsty said...

Hey Capello! The blues in my holiday photos are TRUE TO LIFE, can you believe it? The light is very intense here and the sky is HUGE.

lera said...

This morning I was wondering if Aaron had been traveling lately. I was hoping for you that he has been home. (I will send "stay-at-home vibes" to you!) Joe's about to start traveling now ... at least my foot's not broken.

At least you can scrapbook! That's something you can be proud of.

(PS -- Did you see my good news on my blog today?)

estea said...

nice scrapping.

i'm so sorry about your foot - what happened? as soon as you're well all these crafty mamas in the metro must meet up for a little kc blogorama action. but i really do think you should wear the boot ;)


vintagechica said...

Maybe you can whack the universe back into shape with that boot?!?! But glad you got a little scrapin' time in!!!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

cute layout. Love that multi colored strip.

Pregnant? Maybe you'll have a girl. :)

Mia said...

Thanks for taking care of that letter to the Universe for me *grin*

Go easy on that foot and try to enjoy yourself a little :-)