Thursday, July 20, 2006

Soccer Mom Drive by in an SUV

Dear Blogger,

You suck.

Hate you,


Argh! I know I'm not the only person that had chronic problems with Blogger yesterday -- I know because I use Bloglines and there were little red [!] by every Blogger account.

And now it looks like all the Typepad accounts are on the fritz. Nice.


The heat is really starting to effect the boys, as is being cooped up all day in the house. I actually turned off the tv for the whole day. And that resulted in Griffin telling me to draw this...

And for Darwin to play in these...

And for me to decide to vacuum and move the couches around in order to do it.


Yeah. I'm insane.

Is anyone else tired of my foot being broken?

Because I totally am. I'm ready to sew stuff again. I'm ready to take the kids places. I'm ready to wash laundry. I'm ready to grocery shop. I'm ready to go to Target. I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready.

But I still have to wait five weeks and one more day.

This is seriously getting old.


Alicia A. said...

Blogger still haunts me. Michael helped me transfer all of my old Blogger posts to the new site. But now none of the Blogger hosted photos will load. So, I emailed Blogger to get some help and they said they do that on purpose. Now most of my old posts are just weird- no pictures.

And Flickr has been screwed up too. But they're so awesome about it. I love Flickr.

I'm so sorry about your foot. Five more weeks?! Yeeouch.

autum said...

Leave the couch where it's at you crazy woman. You want to go breaking something else? No, you don't! And don't make me have to talk to you again young lady!!!

Did that sound all mother like?
Take care of your self, really.

laeroport said...

Blogger is irritating me too! Grrrrrr..... And quit moving couches already. Nice Robot. More of that, please. Less housework.


Eren said...

You MUST be crazy to want to get back to laundry...I agree with the above, more great robots and less housework. When is your estimated date of completed healing???

estea said...

i am so sorry. you know target has those little motorized shopping thingies, right?? you need someone to watch your kids so you can zoom around the clearance end caps and cough (loudly) so people will clear out of your way...

i despise blogger in the worst way. so much that i deleted my entire blog when i left there, as i wanted to trace that we had ever been conjoined.

they suck.

wordpress, m'dear. not as much customization (tho they're working on it), but nary a problem and free, free, free.

come on over!


lera said...

blogger was a booger yesterday. grrr!

i wish the next 5 wks would fly by ... for both of us. i feel badly that it's summer and you should be enjoying yourself (and sewing).

I'm laughing over the motorized scooter comment. my friend offered to take me out when i was on bedrest if i would ride in one of those ... I opted NOT to!!! (and some scooters may have horns so you don't have to cough!)

Angela said...

Wordpress baby. Wordpress. Not a problem yet.
Your robots are getting better and better. You keep doing that, DRAW not renovate the rooms. How 'bout I send you some doll furniture and you can move that around and pretend to vacuum under them, but leave the human sized stuff alone lady! I'm warning you.
5 weeks huh? That just sucks.

kristi said...

The scooter would be fun, but you would need a little cage on wheels to pull the children around in. (And if you decide to do that, call me, because I want to watch! ;) )

I can relate to the cabin fever. Everyone here is nuts too. If it makes you feel any better, I took my kids out today, to a BK with an indoor playground, and it ended quite badly when W spit water on someone he was not even related to! I then took them to get haircuts, and they acted like crazy little freaks. Tomorrow afternoon we go to a new doctor for a physical and shots, so I am REALLY looking forward to THAT one. Maybe if they are bad enough he will prescribe medication for all of us? (Just kidding, sort of.)

Ali said...

We also had a TV free day yesterday as a sanction for Mark who was spectacularly badly behaved the evening before. I actually think it did us all a lot of good.

Check out those gorgeous thighs in your crocs - too cute.

Amy said...

That is a seriously good robot drawing. And cute little chubby legs. And do you really have to wait 5 more weeks to do all the stuff? Can't you sew and drive with your right leg? I mean, you probably can't get out of the car and wrangle 2 kids anywhere, but you could drive and pretend? No? Well, at least sew something then and quit moving the sofas by yourself!

lindiepindie said...

I'm with Angela - Wordpress has been wonderful. They transferred my comments over as well. That would be a productive thing you could do while your waiting on your foot to heal. :o)

LLA said...

Oh - and you forgot the part where Flickr is all sucky, too!

And if you really are that het up to do laundry again, you desparately need to gimp over this way. I've got a ton of it. Again. (wasn't I just fussing about the laundry situation???)

Love the robots!

kirsty said...

Y'know I have never had any problems with blogger? Maybe it's because I'm in Australia and so when I'm using it. it's quiet anyway?

marshamlow said...

I was supposed to go to a craft store today but it is raining. We can only get there by walking, approx 1/2 mile. Still nothing to send you, I am the world's worst blogging buddy. I hope you feel better soon. Me - I hate housework and love any excuse not to do it and to instead sit around all day and color or build with blocks. Instead I have to clean the whole house for our weekend company! So sad.

monica said...

Typepad goes mental sometimes too. Annoying. The most annoying things though is that we need it/blogger so much. So we have to lump it and struggle on.

And leave the furniture moving to somebody else... please. Aren't five weeks long enough?

deb said...

look at those lil chubby legs! :)