Friday, July 14, 2006

I Said a Hip, Hop, Hippie to the Hippie, the Hip, Hip, Hop and You Don't Stop the Rock it to the Bang, Bang, Boogie, Say Up Jumped the Boogie

to the Rhythm of the Boogie, the Beat

(It was driving me crazy not to complete the lyrics.)

(The obsession: it hurts.)



My foot hurts.

That doctor was not kidding when she said it would hurt more before it got better. But that's okay, as I have a previous engagement to go watch Star Wars Episode I and watch many reenactments of Darth Maul's double-sided lightsaber battles.

If Griffin ever sees are "real" Darth Maul lightsaber for sale I will be totally screwed.

No WIP progress today. Damn foot.


kirsty said...

*blowing kisses* heal, h e a l...

Angela said...

That was one long title...that I can't stop singing now. thanks.
I hope the pain goes away soon babe.

deb said...

Have you ever seen The Wedding Singer?? I can't help picturing the old lady singing that song as I'm reading the title! :)