Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Baby May Not be Rich, He's Watchin' Every Dime; But He Loves Me, Loves Me, Loves Me and We Always Have a Real Good Time

Aaron's list of things to do this weekend...

Perhaps I need to scratch out that title. You think?

And just to prove how we take our Star Wars obsession to the extreme...

This is our representation of Attack of the Clones.

I'm totally screwed.


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

How's he doin on the list? Love that list, you should scrap it. It would be so funny for your boys when they are older and married.

Still hot today. We don't have a heat index, or at least they don't discuss heat in those terms here in the land of mild weather.

Angela said...

Attack of the Clones, ha ha ha. They are cute clones.
Ummm what are they all looking at anyway?
That list looks a lot like my hubby's far, the lawn is cut and he bought the parts to fix our faucet and we have given up on the ants.
How's Aaron's going?

capello said...

He mowed.

And I've cooked everything.

And that's about it.

kristi said...

At my house, I would already have taken the pen away and changed "kiss" to "kick." ;)

We have gotten very few of our to-dos done this weekend!

capello said...

Oh, and in the photo the boys had just finished some multi-colored potato chips and they were picking over the crumbs.

Tom said...

that picture is hilarity times 100. clones are awesome.