Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Soaring Higher with Every Treason

Ya'll are funny. The saga's not over, hell we just completed four days. Four days of 24.

Having two Lego Advent calendars rock. And the story line literally writes itself.

Yesterday I made me some cupcakes, mainly because I have to maintain my fat ass somehow and cupcakes are my preferred method of fat assery.

Mmmmmmm... that would be a gluten-free white chocolate cupcake with peppermint cream cheese frosting.

Don't look at me like that, it was really good. In fact, I do believe I may need another.

And due to the fact that Gwendolyn and I are having a sort of cupcake competition, I'll finally be posting on my new recipe blog (but, you know, without any fancy pants banner or slight resemblance of organization) soonish. This is my first entry. But, um, errr, we still need to make the rules to the cupcake competition and I still need to type up my recipe.

Why, yes, yes I am a fucking slacker. Thank you for noticing.

Speaking of slackering, look what I got from Sadira...

She expects me to glitter these. Are you fucking kidding me? I can't glitter over that awesomeness, no way.

And I received my tags'n'swags swap from Tamy...


... are those not the cutest? Seriously. Love them all.

And now for our next installment of Laura Has Two Crazy Fucked-Up Lego Advent Calendars....

"Here you go, miss. It would be best for you to stay behind the safety line."

"Sparkles! Sparkles!"


"My little pussy-wussy! Sparkles!"


"Oh, Sparkles! You're safe!"

"Here you go, little kitty-kitty. You look hungry."

"Why, thank you... um..."

"JimBob. My name's JimBob."

"Oh, well thank you, JimBob..."

"Mwahahahahaha, mwahahahahha..."

"That BASTARD! Go get'em, Sparkles!"



"Aarrrggghhhh! Help me! Help me!"


kristi said...

Wow, that is a BIG cat. I hope she toys with him a little before she devours him.

Chickenbells said...

Couldn't you just glitter their eyelashes or spots or something? Damn. I didn't mean to add to a plastic Holiday season (giggle)

Oh...after making all my Christmas pussy sparkles too!

Um...the cat, not my...

oh...(says the supermodel)

hazeljoy said...

fat assery. you crack me up!

LauraJ said...

today's post was so fully of pretty with a dash of silliness too! i love coming here everyday!

you know because of you i went and bought a tonne of glitter today.... i better use that glitter this year!

Lala said...

OMG... OK... it took me TWO READINGS to realize that the pussy wussy "Sparkles" was her PET'S NAME... not a PET NAME *wink*... LOL... wonder if Sparkles ever spent time on TIPPI's animal preserve???

LOL... LOVING the saga!!!

Lala :o)

Angelina said...

I want a cupcake. I really really really want a cupcake.

Cheryl said...

LOL - I love you. I can't believe you are doing Legos again. You really need to go to Legoland.

And who would want to glitter those adorable reindeers?!?

And WHO uses glitter? Glitter IS my enemy. I can't wait to see your recipe. Yum. Sorry about the fusking gluten in every damn thing.

Keri (YellowOwl) said...

Really - I can't decide what's funnier - the advent or "fat assery". Cupcakes are MY preferred method of fat assery too. People who don't like cupcakes should be sent to live in Upper Mongolia. Like 4 realz.

Mebsmommy said...

Funniest chapter yet. OMG you crack my nuts. I want to hide out in your brain for a little while. I imagine it would be a cross between a hurricane at sea and a fun house at a carnival. Whhheeeeeee!

Thanks for the giggles. Oh, and you MUST NOT BACK DOWN FROM A CHALLENGE. Glitter the hell out of those pretty little reindeer

Rachel said...

Those little deer completely rock!

And seriously Laura, this Lego nine act play is the freaking funniest thing I've read all month!

TinkerBlue said...

That cupcake looks sooo good. I'm hungry!

radioactive girl said...

We have the same two lego calendars. But I don't recall that cat! I'll have to look again at the pieces scattered ALL OVER the house and see if we actually got a cat, or if our calendar is in a different order or something.

Cupcakes are my favorite, and I am going to need your recipe because it looks delicious!

Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

If I ever adhered to that silly nonsense about not eating wheat I would totally devour that cupcake.

I have to tell you something though. I think that JimBob, in the first frame of the story, had the Fairy PINNED AGAINST THE WALL. Perhaps he is not so innocent after all???!

Amstershiresauce said...

Mmmmmm. I want a cupcake. My fat could use some assery. Or maybe my ass could use some fattery. Or maybe some flattery.
On second thought, I've probably got enough fat assery for the whole blogosphere right now.

nuttnbunny said...

everything should sparkle

Mary said...

Glitter is the best invention EVER. Seriously, you need to figure out how to add some to the Lego storyline because then it would be complete.

Mary @ Confessions of a Craft Addict

miss chris said...

Thinking maybe Jack Bauer should make an appearance in the Lego Advent storyline. I love me some Jack.

amy h said...

Those reindeer are definitely too cute to glitter! I love them just as they are.

This story is endlessly entertaining for me. I'm actually disappointed when it hasn't been updated yet. :)

Chara Michele said...

Those are some crazy advent calendars:)