Tuesday, October 02, 2007

When You're All Argumentative

"Hey Mommy!"

"Yes, Darwin?"

"I have two hands!"


"You have two hands too!"

"Yes, I do!"

"Well, I have hair on my head!"

"Yes, you do. So do I!"

"Well, I have toes!"

"Yes! You do! You have ten toes! So do I!"

"Well, I have two arms!"

"Yes! You do! So do I!"

"Well, I have ears!"

"Darwin, it's not a competition."

"Yes, it is."

"Well, I have ears too! And you know what else? I have a vagina!"

"I have a vagina too!"

"No you don't. Boys don't have a vagina."

"Oh......... well, I have a penis. AND TESTICLES."


Ali said...

Dammit. I HATE it when they win.

oilclothjunkie said...

oh, crap, I'm laughing out load again in my office. People are going to think I'm crazy or slacking.

Way to go Darwin!

Lala said...

LOL... now that is classic... but here's my question... just because he has a penis and testicles does that mean he's "smart"... because I know/have known a LOT of "boys" (men really) that go around touting their "attributes" that aren't!!! LOL... Hope you are feeling better!


kristi said...

You still win, because you have a uterus AND OVARIES. So there.

Eren said...

Holy crap, that is hilarious! Hey, two boobs trump everything in man world I think.

Great post!

Renee said...

You just had to go there. Of course, that's really all you have that he doesn't. Well, except for those other 2 things.

LauraJ said...

little sh!t :D

Angeleen said...

All alone...

Laughing hysterically...

Tears running down my face...

THAT was comedy gold, my friend.

Chickenbells said...

Wait...who won?

nuttnbunny said...

Holy crap.

I leave and return and you're still sick?!?!? I blame the testicles. No wait - we don't have those. Chutzpah yes. Testicles no.


Heidijayhawk said...

you have the only vagina in that house. there are way too many testicles to be fair. what they don't know is that one vagina ALWAYS wins.

lera said...

You know, I can barely get the "V" word out of my mouth. I don't think my boys know what it's called. On the other hand, the male word "P" is in almost every other sentence in this family. I guess that's what happens when you have a house full of boys.

Angelina said...

That's a proud moment for a boy isn't? Realizing his mama doesn't have testicles. One day he'll be damn glad about it for better reasons.

Green Kitchen said...

We call them huevos rancheros around here.

Emy said...

It must be a boy thing to be so competitive. Mine has been saying that kind of stuff lately too.

You win anyways! You have boobs! Don't know if other kids are as obsessed with boobs as mine is, but that would definitely make you the winner in my house!

monica said...

how can we get beaten by someone so little. We feed them too well.

we've had the 'willy' conversation recently ... 'where did you lose it mummy?'

just because occasionally I 'misplace' things... geeweez

tamy said...

cant sleep, cant laugh as loud as I want too!! gotta love having boys!


laeroport said...

ba dum dum, ching!

But, yes, I'd say boobies are the true trump card.

So I guess you're feeling better.


Keri said...

Ha ha ha - he's got you there!!!!

Marsha said...

That one is a chip of the ole' block. I would take a nice cookie and eat it in front of him, saying I have a cookie. he he.

LLA said...

oh SNAP!

That was kind of a debate-killer right there, wasn't it????

Suzie Sews said...

This made me laugh...I have chats like this with my boys...Ok I just wrote you out huge post ...deleated it beacuse it was just too rude!!!
Get better soon
Suzie Sews