Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Show Me How You Do That Trick, the One That Makes Me Scream," She Said

Last week, I had the wonderful pleasure meeting the awesome Estea in person. Apparently, she was scared to meet me.

She thought I'd have a nose ring attached to a chain leading up to my ear. She expected a spikey purple mullet, multiple tattoos and a ciggie hanging out of my mouth. And I was suppose to arrive on a motorcycle, I think.

Sorry to disappoint, sweetheart. I barely smokes a few cigarettes my freshman year in college. And, although I've always wanted purple hair, I haven't had the cahones to actually do it. And I have no piercings. And no tattoos.

Do you hear that sound?

That's the sounds of thousands of heads exploding over the idea that I'm not really a badass.

And now my dastardly plans at world domination are foiled!


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Hmmmm, interesting. I never even thought about you having piercings or tatoo's. Maybe because I'm from the land of liberal. You just stop thinking about what people look like. You know the whole grunge look was born in the NW.
I don't have any either........well my ears are peirced, at least they used to be.

kristi said...

You ARE a badass, and you'd look good with purple hair.

PamKittyMorning said...

You're just a badass in disguise. There's still hope for world domination after all.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Foiled? Hardly. I think the whole mom thing is a diversion.


Alicia A. said...

I'd say a little more "smart-ass" than "bad-ass" but I sure do like you that way!


deb said...

you are friggin hilarious!!

amy h said...

Piercings do not a bad-ass make. My ears have 6 holes in them between the two, and I would certainly not call myself a bad-ass. Oh, if only piercings could bring me some bad-assness!

Angela said...

You'll always be a scary, bad-ass,dominatrix boot wearing, smart-ass gal to me. aw.
I kid.
You are know you are sweet gal (with a sharp and funny tongue). ;-)

jojo* said...

That's great that you got to meet a fellow blogger! Must have been surreal. I'm sure the image I have in my head of any bloggers I read are totally different from what they're really like.

Hmmm. Like you, for example--I imagine that you have a low strong voice. And you sing alto. Am I right?

lera said...

you are too funny!

and happy belated anniversary.

Kim said...

"multiple tattoos and a ciggie hanging out of my mouth..."

you mean she thought she was meeting moi?!

(only you call me a bad-ass, though, while I sit back and claim to be a lady.)

Kirsty said...

You're scary enough without all that stuff, baby!! Good to catch up with all your posts - love,love, love the anniversary book. Just gorgeous! And I love basic grey papers :) The book "Silk" that Monica sent you is terrific. I loved it. Very romantic.

And worms. Ha. What next???

ps Just in case I haven't said love enough, I also L O V E The Cure. (and Pete has a trick ;) )

Cathy said...

Hmmmm... can't you be a badass without all the trappings? Just don't let us catch you in your Sunday best accessorized with lacy gloves and feathery hat, that would be the LAST straw. Stay tough!

estea said...

honey, you could dominate the world in pearls, heels and a featherduster - it's all about the ATTITUDE!


but yeah, i thought you'd be a badass. turns out you're just a total smart ass in a suburban mom guise. sneaky little wench.

; )