Monday, May 04, 2009

But it's You That Makes Me Lose My Head

I only half accomplished what my friends did this weekend, but what a lovely accomplishment it was.

We had a huge trip (unintentional, of course) to the farmers market and returned with a vanload of plants.

Our yard was still too sopping wet to get them in the ground, and I'll be damned if I don't have to go to the garden center for soil, mulch and a few new pots.

Because a girl needs new pots for new herbs, yes? Yes, of course you should say. OF COURSE.

p.s. Dogs like cocoa mulch a lot, idiot me didn't think of chocolate factor when putting that down.

p.p.s Yes, I learned my lesson.


Alicia A. said...


note to self: must go to the farmers market on wed.

Anonymous said...

Ooh...pretty flowers!

You know chocolate can kill dogs, right?

PS- When are you coming to see me?

montague said...

so so lovely. need garden. asap.

Keyona said...

Pretty flowers! Can I get some over here??

amy h said...

That's one of the reasons we don't do cocoa mulch. That, and it costs way too much compared to cedar. At least it did a couple years ago. And considering we buy at least 30 bags of mulch a year, it adds up! It sure is pretty though -- my neighbor has it.

kristi said...

Oooh, nice flowers!

Liz said...

Beautiful. Beautiful and springy. I can't wait till our frost date passes - it isn't until Memorial Day...

I wouldn't have thought about the chocolate thing either.

heatherfeather said...

When I read one of the sentences I accidentally read:

"We had a huge trip (unintentional, of course) to the farmers market and returned with a vanload of pants."

And I thought, Dude. That is a LOT of pants.