Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All You Do to Me is Talk, Talk

There's nothing like a very full, very fun long weekend to make someone go wow, that's awesome and oh my, that's exhausting all in the same breath.

My friend Amy traveled down from Wisconsin with her two boys in tow (four years and eight months, and lordy she did it alone) for an awesome visit this weekend.

I got the house cleaned up (and I swear I'm gonna maintain it this time!) and we spent two days hanging out, shopping, watching our boys play and eating (of course). When she left, Griff asked if we could have a baby just like hers.

No, honey. That's why we got a dog. To get rid of the baby fever.

My boys also gardened a ton...

... while I helped another friend get more settled into her house. Side note: do not buy a new house. Blinds are spendy. Even when you shop with a thrifter like me. Keep note.


Keyona said...

Who needs blinds. It takes away from the neighbors knowing all your business. We wouldn't want to do that now would we?

kristi said...

My kids used to badger me mercilessly about having another baby when Darwin was little. I told them, "No, just go play with Baby D!"

Nicole said...

The 2009 One Local Summer challenge begins on June 1 - I hope you'll join us again this year!