Monday, November 14, 2005


I have been Little Miss Mopey ever since Saturday.

My Aunt has breast cancer, so I have volunteered to take my 15-year old cousin, Sarah, out on Saturdays to get all her stuff done. And to let her practice driving (and other than not knowing how to park, not going fast enough on the highway, not looking over her shoulders to switch lanes and nearly running someone over she's a rather fabulous driver).

What is happening in their family is breaking my heart. It seems like her other two kids (21 and 23 -- both boys are living at home) cannot pick up the pieces to help around the house. Like, rake the leaves. Or call roto-rooter themselves and clean up the mess. Or do their own damn laundry. Or make their own damn food. Or go buy their own damn food. Or use their own damn money to do anything. Its pissing me off, and its really none of my business. And I can't just storm in there and take over, its not my place.

And then yesterday Aaron left for a business trip. He might be home before Thanksgiving. Then, the Monday after Thanksgiving he leaves again for two weeks.

So I'm having myself a pitty party. And I can't drink any whiskey because of the wheat. Damn it!

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Jenijen said...

I hope some good things happen for you. (psst, Universe, now would be fine, thanks.)