Thursday, November 03, 2005


There are two types of Moms in this world.

Mom A made her children a healthy lunch, using the main four food groups. She packed it all in a picnic blanket and took the kids to the park for one last autumn day.

Mom B bought her oldest kid a happy meal and made him eat at home, at the table by himself, while she cried because all she can eat due to her celiac disease was a handful of nuts. Then she took the kids to the park to take her mind off how FUCKING HUNGRY she is.

Mom A talks to little kids she doesn't know in a high pitched voice, "You've got a treasurer? Wow! Look at your treasurer! What a nice treasurer!"

Mom B yells, "Darwin! Put that stick DOWN!"

Mom A runs over to a kid she doesn't know because he just fell down and she gasped! and ran! as fast as she could to help!

Mom B yells "He's fine. Darwin, get up."

Mom A is singing and clapping and just plain being happy the whole time she's at the park.

Mom B is bitching and moaning and complaining about what a horrible mother she is.

Betcha can't guess which mother I am.

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Jenijen said...

dang, I saw antioch and thought you lived near me. But you are in Kansas? I'm in California. I have been to Kansas, though. My grandmother lived there a long time ago. Celiac disease SUCKS. I have ulcerative colitis, myself. We are sisters in intestinal unhappiness.

I wish we could transfer our diseases to guys like Michael up there, who are low life scummy blog spammers. Michael, you SUCK, too!