Monday, March 01, 2010

But I'm Here in My Mold, I Am Here in My Mold

We've been having a few fucking bad weeks over here, between head colds, Aaron traveling and basic life stuff I'm having a hard time finding the happiness. Hell. I'm having a hard time coping.

Even all the goddamn naps are pissing me off. A person who naps as much as I do should not be so fucking bitter. But lo, I am.

The true crux of the situation is really having to take Darwin to the doctor for potential pink eye two weeks ago. We love our doctor. I mean, love our doctor. She has multiple food allergies too, so she totally gets it. It's like speaking an undecipherable-to-the-normal-population, talking to someone else who has insane food allergies. We get each other and know what it's like.

And she's out on maternity leave.

(Which, I couldn't be happier for her and her family.)

And, thus, we had to see another doctor at the practice. The appointment was fine, they did a test on Darwin's eyes. But the issues began when they called with the results and decided to go through our medical records and, well... it's just a mess. With insane accusations of our family not having allergies and magically falsifying reports to prevent immunizations on their behalf. Which? I don't feed my children a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, legume-free, nut-free, soy-free, squash-free, citrus-free diet for fun. And the request of the office manager for me to write up what happened so she could submit it to the practice's review board... which, yes, basically sounds like what happened is going to cause this doctor and his staff to lose their jobs.

The whole situation is just totally nauseating. The way I was treated was horrible. Treating anyone that way would be horrible, let alone a pregnant person with a history of premature labor. It's really fucking awful. And now needing to stare at a computer and needing to regurgitate what happened is causing me to have a panic attack. But if I don't, who's going to insure that this doesn't happen to another patient at that practice again?

Blarg. I'm so sick of Adult Responsibilities.

On another note, the puppy has decided winter gloves are a taste-y nom nom. I have decided to kill her. But not really. Damn dog.


tonkelu said...

Why not just have your allergist send them a letter and tell them that further inquiries WRT your family's allergies need to be directed at your allergist? I would also think seriously about filing a complaint with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts and the AMA. What they're doing is LUDICROUS and borders on abusive. Also, I'd be looking into finding another doctor and, since we are doctor shopping for Mr. Tonks and I, let me know what practice you're with so I know who to avoid.

Rebecca F. said...

Well, I actually thought that who better to write an eloquent letter of explanation and support re: the doctor you love than you? Your writing is great. I bet it will be fantastic.

I hope you are not too stressed and that the fatigue passes soon!


Chickenbells said...

I am not sure what's happening to the medical offices lately...but between hearing your story and some other friends who have had some major medical problems lately (and a whole story on the news about how hospitals over charge their patients and how insurance companies sometimes don't review those bills unless they're over a certain amount) and even a few experiences I have really makes me wonder about the medical establishment. You are so lucky to have a doctor you like and trust and I am so dismayed that you are going through this because of a different doctor. I can only imagine how this situation is making you feel and I hope that it is cleared up you can actually rest when you're napping and not have to worry.

Keyona said...

Forget the dog, off that doctor!

Alicia A. said...

Oh honey, hang in there.

It's been a shitty winter here too and I have none of that other stuff to deal with.

p.s. please don't kill the cute puppy. ;)

kristi said...

Hope everything is squared away soon with the doctor's office. That's way too much to deal with. If it would help you out, we could take the puppy for you. :D

No? How about lunch then?