Monday, February 22, 2010

You Can't Fence Time

After an amazing amount of anticipation, Griffin turned eight this weekend.

Eight years old. My hell. Time flies.

Apparently eight year olds...

Like gluten-free, dairy free chocolate chip pancakes on their birthday, doused in maple syrup.

Backugan, Pokemon and other things their mothers just don't understand are totally awesome. And inspiration for many art projects and homemade games.

Think dads are the best. And a baby in mom's tummy is a close second, only because "the baby makes you so sick, it's awesomely ornery!"

Could eat tacos at every meal. And gets upset if it's not served.

Is favored by the puppy. By a lot. And he doesn't even feed her.

Is counting down the years until he moves out. (And? Really, dude? You're eight? And already talking about being 18 and moving out of here? Ouch.)

Would be happy to have friends over all day, everyday.

But would prefer not to be the center of attention.

Agrees he's still my baby. Forever. No matter what.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic list you have there! My oldest just turned 9. Jeez, do they have to get so big so fast? Funny that he thinks morning sickness is so amusing. I was just there about 10 months ago and mine thought it kinda cool too. I, however, did NOT.

Keyona said...

Happy Birthday Griffin, may tacos be served EVERY night!! :)

jac said...

Happy birthday Griffin!

Pat said...

What a handsome boy!

Sharon said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your descriptions of him! :)

Happy birthday Griffin!

Monica said...

happy birthday sweet boy!

(my turns 9 in a few weeks... if you find a way to slow down time let me know!!)

Ali said...

Happy Birthday Griffin! 9 looks very good on him.

heidi said...

happy birthday little man. seriously? 8? how did that happen? i dropped off of hte blogosphere for awhile, but hopping back in. hope all is well with you and your new babe on the way!

amy h said...

Happy belated birthday, G!

Angelina said...

Well then your kid is more generous than mine. I am NOT allowed to refer to him as my "baby" ever again. Period. On pain of mucho pain.

I think you should be happy to have a kid with a healthy sense of growing up. Max has always planned on living with me and Philip forever and ever. He informs me he will never move out. Do you know what kind of panic that puts me in?

I think your baby is coming along quite perfectly- all age appropriately. Happy birthday to you kiddo! (Well, you know, soon)

Wifey said...

Happy Birthday Day to him and "giving" birthday to you! My oldest is 8, too, and it amazes me! Enjoy every moment...

Winks & Smiles,

Becky said...

I haven't been to your blog for a long time, (so I just finished reading lots). Damn, your funny!
And pregnant!!!!! Congratulations!
( I'm hoping your nausea is the type that ends at 3 months! )
All the best to you. Oh, and happy birthday to your baby. (the 8 year old one)

patrice said...

He's beautiful!