Monday, July 06, 2009

You're Every Move You Make, So the Story Goes

Whenever I'm gone from my home for over 24 hours, I take my laptop with me.

And I'll be really honest here: I'm an addict.

Yes. Completely. A plugged-in, techo-nerd constantly looking up information, working or editing photos.

So when we went to the mountains over a week ago it should be no surprised that I packed up the laptop for the trip.

So why didn't you hear from me, you ask?

Because my computer died. Yes, it died. Not "died" but "died" as in a miserable and horrible death on day two into the trip. Died as in the motherboard is toast. Died as in Laura had no internet for DAYS and instead was in NATURE and Laura was very convinced she would DIE herself.

Of course, at the beginning of the trip we didn't think it was dead. We just thought it had another virus. "Don't touch it!" Aaron said, as though I would remotely test such a thing. "You have to wait 'till we get home!"

So I gave Aaron five minutes being home before I began to pester him. "You gonna open my computer? Hack your way in? Find the virus?"

"Christ, woman, let me take a shit first!"

A few hours later, he came to the basement to find me (basement computer is much like basement kitteh - you don't fuck with it unless absolutely necessary) and to break the news to me: "It's the motherboard. I'm not sure the hard drive will even be salvageable."

And to that, I had some lovely choice words to let him know that not salvaging the hard drive was not an option - Darwin's fifth birthday party photos are on that and not backed up because someone was too busy to back up my computer before our road trip.

I'm sure you can use your imagination on how that conversation went.

So for the last five days we've spent nearly every moment hacking an old, dead system and setting up a new system (which we cannot afford, anyone know of gluten-free ramen?) and recovering old data and testing (and continuing to test) out the new system.

So, yes. That's a big-ass explanation of whys I gots no pretty pictures today.

(Also? New computer shiny. Shiny.)


thatgirlblogs said...

no words more beautiful than new computer...

you poor thing, I would have jumped the shark.

Chickenbells said...

Congrats on the new shiny computer...and I'm sorry to say I lost a few photos when my hard drive died...a few were on flickr...but the rest? see you later...ugh!!

Brandi said...

Hi, I'm a faithful reader of your blog...
Your conversation with your husband sounds like it was very similar to the one I had with mine when we got a big giant virus on ours and had to dump the hard drive. I was sick when I thought I didn't have my pictures! Yes, we had them backed up on an external hard drive as well, but durring the reformatting, we lost the ability to get into that drive. Wow. What a way for me to debut a comment here with a freaking LONG one!!
Anyway, glad you got a new computer. Sorry about all the trouble you've had with the old one.
I love your blog. I just love your tell-it-like-it-is attitude. You always make me laugh! :)

Anonymous said...

When our computer snuffed it we took it to Microcenter at 91st and Metcalf to have our photos and music recovered. The price was extremely reasonable.

Keyona said... about I had 1 YEARS worth of photos deleted from Kodak Gallery. Fucking fuckers.

Pat said...

I always feel like extending sincere remorse and comiseration when I hear sad stories.
"Oh, I am so, so sorry". and I really am. I have killed too many computers and been in the same boat.

becky @ misspriss said...

Ugh. Must backup laptop before BlogHer.

ella said...

I used to think people who daid "My computer crashed" were just a bunch of whiners, but then it happened to us for the first time ever last April. Holyfuckingshit. So "Yeah" for a new toy! "Awwww, sorry" for your loss of stuff on the old laptop.
P.S. I love all the swearing in your blog. I'm serious. I. Love. It.