Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Coo, Coo, Ca-Choo

Whenever Aaron travels it's like I'm living my entire life holding my breathe.

We're on day four of sixteen and I'm officially blue in the face. I have nothing to say other than we're alive, send lattes. Lots and lots of lattes.

Also, wear socks when you visit - the floor is rather crunchy.

Is this bad? A big bowl of stuff for our compost - it makes me ridiculously happy. Not just eating more vegetables (I've been on a sugar ban this week and OH MY strawberries actually taste sweet!), and not just a big pile of stuff to toss on the compost pile, but also finding a new use for a bowl we couldn't use for food anymore (the porcelain is flaking).

Repurposing makes me happy.


Ali said...

You have to love compost - suddenly the waste becomes 'ingredients'!

Angelina said...

I love composting. But I can't compost until we have somewhere to put it and so now we just have to steal our old compost wire bins from the old house.

I don't know how you're surviving with no sugar but I sure am proud of you.

Jodi Anderson :: so NOT cool said...

I take photos of my compost bins and compost scraps too! They provide a lot of colorful photographs. ;)

Ami said...

GASP! You're not gonna eat the heart of the celery? That's the best part! With a little bit of spike seasoning sprinkled on... my Nana would roll over in her grave. ;)

skymring said...

I'm with you on the repurposing. Today I removed the linen we use to cover up our stained sofa (which we got at the salvation army thrift store) because it was all worn, torn and with big holes in it. I washed it, cut away the really worn bits, and am now making cloth napkins of the rest :)
Now I'll just have to search my fabric stash to find new covers..

vintagechica said...

I love that you can make compost look almost rock!

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