Monday, December 01, 2008

Inside You the Time Moves and She Don't Fade

We had a crazy holiday weekend -- Aaron's parents came down from Michigan and got lots done. Lots.

Like lots of game playing. And if you haven't played Mexican Train I strongly urge you to. I can't believe we have to wait till Christmas morning to get our own set. Hmph.

Lots more got done -- but more on that tomorrow.

I have a Lego Advent Calendar to go dig out of the basement. Squee!

Oh -- yes. I forgot. Due to not wanting my ass to get sued, I am no longer doing musical roundups. It's fucking ridiculous but you know what? I like clothes. And food. And a roof over my head. Call me selfish, ohfuckingwell.

So, if you're wondering what I'm listening to feel free to leave a comment (include your email addy!) or email me.

In the meantime, ahem, I am enjoying these....

Jack's Mannequin [love, love, love, this is the BESTEST SONG]

All American Rejects

and Flight of the Conchords


kristin said...

business time.


kristi said...

Mexican Train looks like fun. I'm just spinning my wheels over here.

jac said...

Aw, I often left your roundup page open and listened to a song or two when I had the chance... still, being hassled about it is not worth the aggravation. (Do you guys use 'hassled' in that way? I can't think, sorry. I have degenerated into full on New Zild mode after watching FotC. Sweet as.)