Thursday, June 26, 2008

Feeling Alive All Over Again

Yesterday at the pool I witnessed a mom (heh, if you want to call her that) tell her daughter she's a "bad, bad girl!" whilst her ipod was plugged into her ears. Then, she switched back to talking with her friend and every few seconds she reiterated to her two year old daughter that she was bad.

That was a turning point.

So what if I feel under pressure and I'm not accomplishing everything I want to accomplish? My kids are happy and healthy. We have food to eat. The house is cleanish. At least I'm not a total shit to my kids.

So, things (beyond not being a shit to my kids) that make me happy:

playing with new friends and running into old friends at the pool

WALL-E fever

homemade chicken salad on freshly-baked gluten-free bread

four- and six-year old boys

puppet shows

crop share pickups

skipping vacuuming in favor of an extra hour at the pool


working a job I enjoy

super nice fabric people on the phone

freshly squeezed lemonade

smelling like sunshine


tonkelu said...

You know, just watching that little girl, I have to wonder if she was even 2-years old? She behaved much, much younger. Either way, I felt sorry for the kid.

amy h said...

Poor kid.

Those are some good things on your list!

I think WALL-E will be Elise's first movie. We're taking her on Sunday if all goes as planned.

Mirre said...

Good for you!

Michelle said...

I'm glad that you're feeling better. And hey, any mom that plays legos as much as you do is a great mom!

house on hill road said...

that is a good list of great things!

kristi said...

It is scary, the way some people treat their children. There's a mother at our school who is constantly calling her own kids names. I'd be surprised if they don't do the same thing to other kids.

Verily, coolness, not being mean to your kids, and proficiency with Legos make up for a lot.

Alicia A. said...

I saw a family at the grocery store the other day and the dad told the kids, "shut your fudging mouth" three or four times. (except he didn't say fudge.) I felt so bad for those kids.

Hooray for good days, my friend.

Chickenbells said...

yes, leaving the vacuuming until another time to go to the pool is a VERY good is being such a good mom to your kids...I heard a mother say to her little girls the other day, "you two totally drive me f-ing nuts..."

Heidijayhawk said...

i HATE it when people do that. i'm not beyond telling my kids they did something that was wrong, but there is a fine line between a behaviour being bad and a kid being bad. and what 2 year old can make that differentiation? glad you are focusing on the positive. we are too.

TinkerBlue said...

Pool over vaccuming everytime. I think you have accomplished alot.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your weekend, Laura!

miss chris said...

Eureka! You got it!

And seriously, moms like that??? Grrrr. Little wonder some little girls end up doing wild things to earn attention later on...

Anonymous said...

You know, if you want to REALLY pat yourself on the back for being a good Mom (which you ARE, you should read The Glass Castle. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

wait - was i there? cause we could have banded together and given some fierce looks of....well.... fierceness ? ? ?

kids loved Wall-e, michael not so much. no idea why.

he kept talking about a waterworld premise...

(i didn't see it)

as soon as i'm over this cold we'll hit the pool again.

rambling done!



amy said...

glad you've got your groooooove back.

And Wall-E? LOVE.

Angelina said...

What a great list!