Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Could Stick Around and Get Along with You

Summer has managed to pop up and bite me in the ass so viciously that I cannot think straight.

Life is busy. Good busy. And hectic.

Two werken-over-full-time parents can be hard, but we're hitting summer with the best we got, we've visited the Maker Faire, the Great MidWest Balloon Fest, been doin' lots of gardening, sewing and sucking on sweet, sweet air conditioning.


Oil Cloth Junkie said...

awww, great pics!

small world...I think the picture of the boys at the makers fair is at my friend's booth. She made all the recycled paper stuff.

Jersey Knitting Mama said...

Loving loving loving your pictures of the boys. How are just so cute and precious! Stay cool and stay healthy!
And have lots and lots of fun.