Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When You're Down There's Just One Way to Go

We're on Spring Break here- no, wait. The boys are on Spring Break. I don't get a Spring Break. 'Cause I'm a Mom. A Responsible Mom. A Responsible Mom who doesn't drink rum in the middle of the day even though she really wants to. Especially when the boys are on Spring Break.

So. The boys are on Spring Break from school. Aaron's still out of town (hello, day 13: you suck).

Because I'm a Responsible Mom, I'm making the boys clean the playroom over Spring Break. Which means, according to them, I'm a rotten, awful mother who will be sent to the grossiest of gross nursing homes as soon as they can falsify my records and make me sound like I'm incapable of making Responsible decisions.

Which means at the rate that Griffin and his lawyer-ness is going, two years?

And I will par-tay.

ANYWAY. The cleaning. Yes. See?

Please note: yes, Emerson has "tiny" legos in his hands, but they are impossible-to-choke-on-legos. And I'm only helping Griffin find me the rottenest of nursing homes, yes?

Emerson's test results came back last week: dog and egg

Which totally stumped me. "What do you mean only dog and egg?" "Isn't that enough?" "Have you not looked at my other boys' files? He's got to be allergic to more than that!"

I got the paper copy of his test results Monday and yes. Turns out he's way more allergic than "just" eggs and dog. But whatever(s) it is, it's not testable yet. His general-allergic-to-the-world IgE was through the roof. Which means, most likely, he's allergic to me. Like Darwin was. Why the children's hospital can't test that is beyond me, but there it is.

And I've tried weaning him onto the Elecare (that wonderful hypoallergenic formula) and he isn't going for it. On Monday, the allergist gave us vanilla-flavored Elecare. And I got a little excited on Facebook and Twitter and posted this with a WIN! and yeah. That WIN! lasted about two minutes.

I'm an overzealous person, internets.

My new plan is to ditch this place and go away this weekend when Aaron gets home, so Aaron could get him to take a damn bottle and I could sleep.

I really think not-getting-two-straight-hours-of-sleep-at-any-time is really screwing with my brain.

But? HA. Like that's really gonna happen. Please. I'm a Responsible Mom, remember?

Internet, meet The Incisors of Death. You realize I'm still nursing, right?


amy h said...

Responsible moms take care of themselves, too. :) Really, go away for at least a bit when Aaron gets home. You need it!

Melissa said...

I've lived the frustration of untestable (is that a word?) allergies. My little one's face looked exactly like that for months around the time she was one. Turned out it was bananas, tomatoes and red dye. I just about drove myself crazy trying to figure it out.

Give yourself a break if you can.

Rebecca F. said...

Laura, for Pete's sake, let poor Emerson eat the Legos. He is probably not allergic to them!

(Aw, I'm just kidding. I hope you know that although I jest, I hope he is feeling better soon.)

Vesuvius At Home said...

Wait--responsible mothers don't drink rum in the middle of the day? What do they drink, then? Wine?

Jersey Knitting Mama said...

Go Away and GET SOME SLEEP! Do it. You will love yourself for it.


Heidi said...

Oh honey, I went thru the same thing with my oldest son, who is now 7. He did not sleep thru the night til he was 17 months old, and no one could tell me why. That was the same day I went on an elimination diet and did the same for him. I was still nursing him. LaLeche saved my life. I thought I would die from exhaustion. If you need to contact me, feel free. Eliminate the top allergens from your diet and you might be able to nail it down yourself. {{{hugs}}} hang in there, it'll get better. ♥