Friday, October 29, 2010

That Ain't Workin'

Emerson has brought an amazing balance to our family - well, as much balance as one could have with sleepless nights. But still, we have balance.

He's very Zen, our little Buddhist master. Watching everything. Soaking it all in. Somehow managing to calm us down (which is completely weird compared to his colicky, screaming brothers).

Unless, of course, he's puking.

Now, I know spit up. I know it well. Griffin perfected the fine art of spittle. Darwin followed Griff's example and even taught us a thing a two. But Emerson? Emerson causes me to have daily unplanned showers, change my clothes at least three times a day and has had me scrubbing our couch more times than I can keep track of.

Our doctor offered acid reflux medicine at his one-month appointment, but we turned it down. The "projectile spit up" wasn't making him upset. At his two-month appointment I was ready and he was starting to get upset. Aaron was still very we-are-not-medicating-that-zen-baby-hells-to-tha-no.

A few night later we were all miserable. Just miserable. Emerson was crying and vomiting (I mean, let's call a spade a spade, shall we?) and nothing we did would make him feel better. It went on for hours.

His standard vomiting continued but escalated into unexpected ways - throwing up while eating, throwing up while sleeping (holy fucking scary balls, man), throwing up on a boat, throwing up with a goat, YOU GET THE PICTURE.

So on Wednesday I had officially had it. He ate. He threw up. He threw up again. And again. And then we went to the boys' school Halloween parties (yes, on Wednesday, because our school had Parent-Teacher conferences yesterday and today and even Emerson's zen-ness does not combat two older boys at home all day MY HELL) and he threw up. And threw up. And threw up. He threw up on Darwin. He threw up on Griffin. He soaked his costume in projectile-spittle. He got it all over his stroller. The baby just Could Not Stop Vomiting.

When we got home I called the doctor and begged for mercy. A short talk with the doctor and a nurse later, a prescription was called in for Prevacid.

Now, I'm not happy to be medicating him - not at all. But if this will help him feel better (have I mentioned his miserableness?) then I'm willing to give it a try. Hours of explaining all this to Aaron, he was willing to give it a try too.

He's only had two doses (one yesterday morning, one this morning) and I have hopes of at least some relief for him.

But damn if he didn't projectile spit up all over himself (after he had a bath to boot), the vibrating chair and about four feet of carpet this morning.


Good thing kids are damn cute.


Anonymous said...

Aww, poor kiddo (and Mom!). There are more options for reflux meds. My son had to be on two separate ones; his reflux was setting off his apnea monitor, and once he got on those meds, the breathing stoppages, well...stopped. I know meds aren't always the preferred way to go, but I would encourage you to try what's out there. You need some relief!

Rachel said...

I had major acid reflux when I was pregnant and it was very uncomfortable. I think you did the right thing getting him medication. Also, are you keeping his head elevated at least 45 degrees for 20-30 minutes after he eats? That'll help too. You can prop on end of his crib up on blocks to make it 45 degrees. I had the meds kick in soon!

amy h said...

Those medications can take a little while to kick in. I hope it kicks in soon though!

Anonymous said...

The reflux meds can take up to two weeks to work. If Aaron decides to protest, slip him some ipecac in all meals/ beverages so he can get an idea of what the poor baby is going through. It's not like he's spitting up once or twice a day. Christ. The baby needs the medicine!

Anonymous said...

ALSO, X was like Em- Perfectly Content to Hurl All Stomach Contents. We put him on medicine and it stopped. Shortly around the time he turned 1 we weaned him off it and he seemed okay. A few months later he started spitting up/ vomiting again (you could smell the acid on his breath) so at 17 months he's back on reflux meds. About two weeks later he stopped waking up every few hours to nurse and started sleeping through the night.

Kristy said...

My second Maisie was a very proficient projectile vomitor. She could easily cover a 6 ft area in one hurl!! At about 2months old the doctor started her on medication and the difference was amazing.
It's funny as now (she's 14) she is the least likeliest of my girls to be sick.
I hope Emerson feels much better soon.

Theresa said...

But how come he's smiling all the time? He must be happy even in between the spit up?

Monica said...

cranial osteopathy? totally non invasive, the kid doesn't even know he's been done.

BUT he will stop vomiting. I promise.
It completely worked for No 2... and NO medicines/drugs/anything!